suse11.2 ssh installation and start ssh unable to log in to resolve

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suse11.2 ssh installation and start ssh unable to log on to resolve-network

1. Start sshd under SuSE Linux:

Command line: rcsshd start

YaST: Unable to find sshd, but open all inetd services, SSH is available, odd!

Until I find the agency, and then change this article.

2. Configure the SSH service:

1. Modify the configuration file


2. Find #permitrootlogin No to change it to permitrootlogin Yes

This version was installed the night before, feeling its gome desktop is more beautiful than the Ubuntu8 and Fedora versions. Oh, in fact, we all use the same thing.

This is a bit of a hassle when using SSH on SuSE, so summarize your little experience. SSH, or Secureshell, is a network protocol that allows you to establish a secure channel between two computers to exchange data.

Generic Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu and SuSE, are installed by default with the OpenSSH toolkit. After the system is installed and restarted, the sshd (Sshdaemon) as the server is started as one of the system services (note: Daemon is interpreted as a daemon). An SSH tool is also installed, and part of the OpenSSH package is the Telnet client program. Default installation path:

Ssh-/usr/bin/ssh the corresponding configuration file/etc/ssh/ssh_config

Sshd-/usr/sbin/sshd the corresponding configuration file/etc/ssh/sshd_config

I just want to use password login method, so modified the/etc/ssh/sshd_config file passwordauthentication parameter, the default is no, which means that password authentication is not allowed to login; By default/etc/ssh/ssh_config also has this parameter, default is yes, so do not modify. After modifying the parameters, restart the sshd service after entering Sshrestart on the command line.

The problem is that after the SuSE login, the command interface using SSH192.168.2.101 can log in normally, but on another Windows system with Putty Log on when the connection timeout, login failed! Putty This is not a problem, the problem may be in the SUSE system itself or the communication between the two computers.

Using YaST to view the status of the Sshd service, enter YaST return at the command line, launch the YaST interface, select "System>systemservices (Runlevel)", open Systemservices (Runlevel): Services interface, check that the sshd status is enabled. Use the function key Alt E to go to Expertmode and observe that the current sshd is running in Runlevel5, (Fullmultiuserwithnetworkanddisplaymanager), which is fine.

To search the Internet, and finally in a forum, someone mentioned check firewall, need to close firework. Then choose "Securityandusers>firewall" in YaST, and in the Firewallconfiguration interface, change the Servicestart boot mode to manually, then execute " Stopfirewallnow ", Save the changes!

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suse11.2 ssh installation and start ssh unable to log in to resolve

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