SUV into the boom behind: demand-led experience new trend

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In the development of family cars in China, the rigid demand based on function is almost the first purchase factor of all home users, from the early travel tools to the current change of travel experience, this seemingly small industry change characteristics, is quietly revealed the car market with the car mentality changes.

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Pragmatic, almost the only key word in this market change, is the SUV.

SUV as a set of comfort, functionality and cost-effective features as one of the sedan category, to a certain extent, has become the preferred vehicle for most home users, in the current market, in addition to foreign brand products, domestic most of the SUV models such as Hanteng X7 and so also began to become the promotion of this concept.

1, SUV rigid demand: Large space to ensure the comfort of

Functional features are almost the first reason for all home users to choose an SUV.

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For Chinese market users, the usual situation of travel is not a single distance to arrive, but to carry the transport as a demand for transportation, on top of this rigid demand, SUV's natural convenience has undoubtedly become the best choice.

This is an SUV model with a large space to ensure the transportation needs in transit, especially for long distance and more carrying content of travel, SUV compared to other models of convenience is therefore leap off, such as Hanteng X7 4671mm length and 1902mm width, The height of the 1697mm and the height of 2810mm are undoubtedly typical of large spaces satisfying the comfort.

2, based on the superior price ratio

In the past a long time, SUV models in the price threshold blocked most Chinese users of the car purchase plan, but with the development of the industry, the current SUV models not only have many advantages in terms of functionality, but also more cost-effective price.

As an example of the X7, the retail price range is set at a price of $79,800 to $148,800, which means that the threshold is no longer high on any family.

3. The traditional return of Oriental aesthetics

In the automotive market, up to a rare amount of luxury car to the ordinary level of the scooter, different degrees of models in the design, appearance and other aspects of the lead.

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For the implicit and restrained Chinese market users, the aesthetic demand has always been determined by the purchase motive, SUV models in the restrained style of modelling, is undoubtedly the most suitable for the use of the Eastern user choice. Compared with other models, the SUV has neither the avant-garde of the sports car nor the rustic of the train, its full and mellow model, both visually and functionally, have the best balance point.

Hanteng X7 and other SUV based on this feature to build the model, will be the whole aspect of the Eastern factor into which, in the convenience of users to travel, but also indirectly promote the return of Oriental aesthetic philosophy, this idea and move, it is in line with the current market development of the main melody move.

In general, any one of the models may become the market, but in the current era, the function of the SUV and cost-effective characteristics, is undoubtedly the most competitive advantage of the market model, it can quickly become the darling of the current era, but also at ease.

SUV into the boom behind: demand-led experience new trend

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