Svcperf, a tracing analysis tool for WCF

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Microsoft recently released svcperf, an end-to-end Windows event tracing (ETW)-based tracing viewer for configuration-based tracing. You can use this tool to view ETL files or track sessions in real time, and create custom queries.

This end-to-end tracing analysis tool is based on LINQ over traces (TX) and can be used for WCF, WF, and other activity-based ETW tracking. You can use this tool to view ETL files or track sessions in real time, and create custom queries.

You can also use svcperf in a command line prompt to dump the original event or use LINQ over traces (TX) to execute a custom query. Compared with other tools, this tool also provides support for original ETL files. In addition to the ETL viewer, the ETL viewer is also a query engine built on top of LINQ to traces (TX). The maximum number of files is 64.

To use this tool, you can double-click svcperf.exe and locate the ETL file (also known as the windows Performance Analyzer tracking file ). After loading the timeline, press F5 to view event logs. After that, you can perform the filter operation according to the steps listed in the user guide.

You can also load the ETL file from the command line prompt.

Svcperf <file_name>

You can also load a list, a file that defines all the XML events. The event provider will also write the layout information to the file. You can use the Add manifest option under the manifest menu to load the configuration file or from the command line prompt:

Svcperf.exe/M: <manifest1>/M: <manifest2>

Svcperf also supports dynamic filters such as source, view, and search. In source mode, the filter is applied to the event source. View mode allows you to capture event sources in memory and apply filters to them. The search mode is case-insensitive for events loaded into the grid. You can also use the expression filter, which is described in detail in the official user guide. In addition, you can use the activityid or relatedactivityid field to filter logs of a specified activity.

"For WCF developers, svcperf is a very useful tool," said Arman mchitaryan, a software developer at altacode.

You can also use the svcperf tool to execute any form query and use dump () Extension to display results in tables or graphical forms (such as bar charts or performance counters. Microsoft explained in detail all concepts related to the tool in the User Guide released along with the tool, along with the source code help and screen.

". Net framework is really good at providing better ETW support. Event sources are a good start, but the lack of channel support for event viewer does not provide good visibility, "said Colin bowern.

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