SVN and NetBeans used together cause SVN to always deadlock, database is locked

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In fact, I never found out, again I thought need to write some front-end it is netbeans off, using Hbuilder write Vue, because the memory only 8G, a mess of some things open, only 20% or so, I put

NetBeans off, found that the update SVN, will not appear a lot of files, always appear in the case of the database is locked, and so I finished the Vue page, when to write the PHP interface, because the need to compile Vue, I have some useless update delete, update to the latest time ,

There's always database is locked

The solution is relatively simple, you need to update SVN, in the open NetBeans, especially every morning, if you find a large number of files need to be updated, the NetBeans turned off on it,

One of the more annoying problems with NetBeans is that it eats memory.

If you delete some files, not submitted, and updated, will appear unable to update, you clear is unable to solve the problem, then restore all the files, in the update to the latest, then delete you need to delete.

SVN and NetBeans used together cause SVN to always deadlock, database is locked

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