SVN cocould not open the requested SVN filesystem SVN 403 Forbidden permission Error

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This article mainly records some important information about the svn configuration process and various error solutions.

  • Solve SVN cocould not open the requested SVN filesystem
  • Solve SVN 403 Forbidden permission errors
Subversion installation and Apache configuration

For an Apache server here's the essentials:

1. Copy bin/ and bin/ to the Apache modules directory. (copy two files)
2. Add the Subversion/bin directory to the system path and reboot so all the Subversion
Support DLL's are visible to the apache service. (set environment variables)
3. Edit the Apache configuration file (httpd. conf) and make the following changes :( edit HTTP. conf)

3A. uncomment the following two lines :( remove comments)

# Loadmodule dav_fs_module modules/
# Loadmodule dav_module modules/

3B. Add the following two lines to the end of the loadmodule section :( add two loadmodules)

Loadmodule dav_svn_module modules/
Loadmodule authz_svn_module modules/

3c. Add the following to end of the file. Note: This location directive is
Minimal example with no authentication directives. For other options,
Especially authentication options, see the Subversion Install file,
The Subversion book, or the tortoisesvn manual. (local directory)

Svnpath your/Repository/path

Apache configuration details

Svnpath F:/svndata/4 Rims
Authtype basic
Authname "4 rims subversion"
Authuserfile F:/svndata/4 rims/CONF/passwd
Authzsvnaccessfile F:/svndata/4 rims/CONF/authz
Require valid-user

Password Generation Command

Create a passwd file for the first time.

C: \ XAMPP \ apache \ bin> htpasswd-C f: \ svndata \ 4rims \ conf \ passwd Bruce

Add a second user, and so on.

C: \ XAMPP \ apache \ bin> htpasswd F: \ svndata \ 4rims \ conf \ passwd Jack

The page error message is

<D: Error>
<C: Error/>
<M: human-readable errcode = "720002">
Cocould not open the requested SVN filesystem
</M: human-readable>
</D: Error>

Error. The error message in log is

[Tue Jul 13 10:42:54 2010] [Error] [client] (20014) Internal error: Can't open file

'F: \ svndata \ format ': \ xe7 \ xb3 \ xbb \ xe7 \ xbb \ x9f \ xe6 \ x89 \ xbe \ xe4 \ xb8 \ x8d \ xe5 \ x88 \ xb0 \ xe6 \ x8c \ x87 \ xe5

\ XAE \ x9a \ xe7 \ x9a \ x84 \ xe6 \ x96 \ x87 \ xe4 \ xbb \ xB6 \ xe3 \ X80 \ x82
[Tue Jul 13 10:42:54 2010] [Error] [client] cocould not fetch resource information. [500, #0]
[Tue Jul 13 10:42:54 2010] [Error] [client] cocould not open the requested SVN filesystem [500,

[Tue Jul 13 10:42:54 2010] [Error] [client] cocould not open the requested SVN filesystem [500,

[Tue Jul 13 10:46:08 2010] [warn] PID file C:/XAMPP/Apache/logs/httpd. PID overwritten-unclean shutdown

Previous Apache run?
[Tue Jul 13 10:46:09 2010] [Notice] Apache/2.2.9 (win32) SVN/1.6.5 Dav/2 mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8h

Mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.2.6 configured-resuming normal operations

Svnpath must be defined at each warehouse location. Parent directories cannot be defined. Svnpath F:/svndata, the above error will occur. The format file cannot be found.



Svnpath F:/svndata/4 rims defines a specific repository location
Svnparentpath F:/svndata defines multiple repositories

Permission Error

SVN: the server sends an unexpected return value (403 Forbidden). In the response to the "options" request

When a specific repository is defined, [Repository:/Baz/fuz] will be invalid. In this case, you can directly define the [/Foo/bar] file directory permission.
When multiple repositories are defined, [Repository:/Baz/fuz] can control permissions.

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