SVN diff uses Vimdiff as the diff comparison tool

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SVN diff uses Vimdiff as an article description of the comparison diff tool reference

One of the Vim's nice features are a powerful diff tool that can being used to easily tell the differences between multiple differ ent files. This can is called up at any time by issuing the following:


Subversion ' s default diff Tool-while effective-lacks a lot of options. Firstly, it simply outputs the results of the diff to standard out. This was limiting for several reasons:you can ' t edit the files of you ' re diffing, so quickly changing code is impossible. There ' s also no color or syntax highlighting, so telling at a glance what ' s changed are more difficult. Vimdiff solves all these problems, as it drops your into a full instance of vim allowing your to do anything.
Why Use SVN diff when we can seamlessly integrate Vimdiff to the workflow in and simple steps? Let ' s get started!

Step 1:the Script

The first thing that needs to being done was to create a simple bash script that would be the the wrapper for SVN diff. Create the Following file on your system named

#!/bin/sh# Configure your favorite diff program here.DIFF="/usr/bin/vimdiff"# Subversion provides the paths we need as the sixth and seventh# parameters.LEFT=${6}RIGHT=${7}# Call the diff command$DIFF$LEFT$RIGHT

You can either put it in a System wide folder (/usr/local/bin) or in your own folder. In any event, don ' t forget to

chmod a+x

Step 2:make Subversion Use It

Now of the script exists, we have a to-tell Subversion to use it for diff. Luckily that's quite easy. Simply edit ~/.subversion/config and find the Diff-cmd line inside the [Helpers] section. Uncomment it and change it to something like this:

Diff-cmd =/path/to/

Step 3:profit!

You ' re all done! To see it in action, change directory into a Subversion project with some local changes, and simply diff like normal:

SVN diff

About the use of Vimdiff

vim-d a.txt B.txt
Vimdiff a.txt B.txt

shortcut Keys Description
[C Jump to Previous diff
]c Jumps to the next difference item
Zo Expand collapsed Same Code
Zc Re-fold
Dp To copy the difference from the current location to another file
Do Copy the difference of another file to the current file

Author @AdvocateOS_CoderD
February 12, 2015

SVN diff uses Vimdiff as the diff comparison tool

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