SVN installation and use

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1.SVN the installation 1.1 Installing the Software

Two icons in 1, the SVN server side and the client installation software, respectively

Figure 1

1.2 Server Installation Steps

Click the first icon in Figure 1, install the SVN server, install it by default, and install the successful interface as shown in 2. (also available through: Start-Program-VISUALSVN-VISUALSVN server Manager, open SVN server-side interface, 3)

Figure 2

Figure 3

1.3 Client Installation Steps

Click on the second icon in Figure 1, install the SVN client, install it by default, after successful installation, you need to select "YES" to restart the computer, when the right click on the screen in the blank of the SVN icon appears, that is, the installation is successful, as shown in 4.

Figure 4

2.SVN the Use 2.1 SVN use of the server

(1) New project: Right click repositories-New, that is, open the interface shown in 5, you can enter the name of the project, click the "OK" button, that is, a successful new project.

Figure 5

(2) You can create a new subfolder in the new project name: Right-click-New-folder (6) to open the new folder interface, 7 can see the new 3 folders in Project1.

Figure 6

Figure 7

(3) New User: Right click user-new-user (8), open new user interface, enter user name and password (9), click OK button to create a new user successfully, all new users are displayed on the right side of the interface, 10 is shown.

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

(4) New group: Similarly, right click on the groups-new-groups, open 11 shows the creation of the group interface, you can enter the group name, click "Add" can select the existing membership, select the member, click "OK". 12 you can see that 2 groups have been built.

Figure 11

Figure 12

(5) Assign a group or member permission to a project: Right-click prpositories-positories (13), open the window shown in 14, click "Add" to add an already existing group or member, click "Remove" to delete the group or member that has been added to the group or member, Can be checked separately in the "Permissions" module to read and write permissions, after the end of the operation click "Apply"-"OK".

Figure 13

Figure 14

2 . 2 SVN use of the client

2.2.1 for new files in folders that are not associated with SVN, you can do the following:

(1) Checkout, which is checked out, downloads the files on the server to local. The steps are as follows:

A. In the folder, right-click-Select SVN Checkout, enter the address of the URL in the dialog box shown in the popup 15, in the format "https://native IP: Server port number/svn/the project name to be downloaded", such as https://; (server default port number is 443);

Figure 15

B. In the previous operation, click "OK" to pop up 16 interface, enter the user name and password, click "OK" to successfully download the server files, after the download is complete, click "OK" to see the green tick icon, that download success.

Figure 16

(2) Import, import, importing local files to the server. Here's how:

A. In the folder to import files to the server, right-click-select Tortoisesvn-import, in the dialog box shown in the popup 18, enter the address of the URL, in the format "https://native IP: Server port number/svn/the project name to be imported/specific file name to be imported" , such as; (server default port number is 443);

B. In the previous operation, click "OK" to pop up 19 interface, enter the user name and password created previously, click "OK" to successfully import the local file to the server, after the import is complete, click "OK".

Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19

2.2.2 Update, Commit, Add-commit actions are available for content in folders that have been associated with SVN.

(1) Update: Updates the local file to the latest version on the server.

(2) commit (Submit): For the files that have been downloaded from the server to the local, the user can be modified on the client, etc., save or document the icon with a red exclamation mark, right click-Select Commit to commit the action, so that the modified content to the server.

(3) Add-commit (New-submit):

A. For a folder that has been downloaded from the server to the local, we can create a new folder or file in it, in order to put the new document on the server, you need to right-click-select Tortoisesvn-add, check the document to be added, click OK, the document with a blue "+" icon;

B. Right-click-Select Commit to commit, so that locally created content is uploaded to the server.

3.3 Version Backtracking

(1) Only back to the client, server-side version unchanged: Select the file to be traced, right click-select icon tortoisesvn-click "Update to Revision", open the interface shown in 20, tick "Revison", click "Show Log" You can view all the previous versions, back to the interface shown in Figure 20, after the "Revison" the corresponding text box to enter the version number to backtrack, click "OK".

Figure 20

(2) Both client and server version backtracking: Select the file to be traced, right-click-select Icon tortoisesvn-click "Show Log", open the interface shown in 21, you can view all previous versions, right click on the version to be traced-click "Revert to this" Revisions ", click" OK "when you are done.

Figure 21

SVN installation and use

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