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To use the svn service in the Internet environment, you must have an online server that supports the svn service in the Internet environment)

You may be used to using SVN on the company's intranet. However, if you often use different office environments, such as the company, home, and customer offices, you may use many different computers, you will need an internet-based SVN server.

The following describes several SVN online code hosting tools.

Riouxsvn(Private, free, foreign)

Features: riouxsvn is free, and always will be.
1. Private warehouses are supported. (The default private repository is public and manual, which is the biggest highlight compared with Google Code, GitHub, and SourceForge)
2. Collaborative development. (Unlimited number of users)
3. Back up data on a daily basis. (Download the. svndump backup file at any time)
4. The interface is concise and beautiful. (And there is no form of advertisement)
5. Donate project points. (This requires a bullet, and it costs more money to upgrade the space)
Disadvantages: each warehouse is only 50 MB, but it is enough for general projects. About 20 mb on this site, most of them are Hibernate and spring third-party jar packages, and there is not much core code actually written by myself. In addition, if there is no Chinese interface than GitHub, this is not a disadvantage and can be done with translation.
Note: For a private repository, the user name and password entered during use are the user name and password used to register the riouxsvn website. A separate password is not provided as Google Code does.

Svnspot   (Private, free, domestic)

Free users
10 m trial space. You can create a private project. You can create up to 2 version libraries.

VIP user
100 MB space/RMB a year to create 5 version libraries with 10 members per project
200 MB space/RMB a year to create 10 version libraries with 10 members per project
400 mb space/RMB a year to create 10 version libraries with 10 members per project

SVN hosting(Private, paid, domestic)

Free users

1) if you are creating an open-source project SVN, yesFreeAnd unlimited space and quantity;

2) If you want to join a project created by another person, yesFree.

3) if you need to create a private project (protected by the account password), the disk space is limited to 50 MB, and the trial period is 7 days. If the time-out or disk quota is exceeded, the project becomes read-only and Code cannot be submitted, but code can be obtained. We will email you with a prompt (You may enter the spam folder, please check it ).

VIP user

1) Free projects can be converted to paid projects.

2) the number and type of source code management projects are unrestricted. The total disk space cannot exceed 1 GB.

3) billing standard: RMB 98/year for each account. After the account expires, the project file can still be obtained, but cannot be submitted for modification. Read-only. After three months of renewal, the project will be deleted to reduce space waste.

Svnchina(Private, paid, domestic)


1) if you are a member of the Project Development Team (or the project code is only intended for readers), you only need to join other projects for free, and the number and space of projects to join are not limited;

2) if you are the project author (host), you need to build your own project (whether it is a private project or an open-source project ), we will charge you an annual fee (currently there are many types of space standards such as ¥99/year-$699/year). After you pay the annual fee, you will be entitled to all functions of this site during the use period, the number of new projects is unlimited. You will have a free trial period of one month before you pay.

3) if you no longer renew your account, we will keep the project you created for up to 15 days. During this time, you can only read your code and cannot write it; after 15 days, if you have not renewed the project, we will delete the project you created.

Detailed rules:

  1. Any new registered member will have a free trial period of one month from the date of registration;
  2. After the validity period is exceeded, allProject"Will become non-writable, but still readable (that is, you can checkout, update, export, but not import, commit), including the creator and project members;
  3. If the Creator exceeds15 daysIf you still do not have a license, you will be deemed to have waived the right to use it. The server will automatically delete all created projects under it and recycle the space.
  4. Before the registered member expires1 month and 7 daysThe system will automatically send an email to notify the user of renewal.
  5. The number of newly registered members exceeds1If it is not activated for a month, the user name will be automatically recycled and deleted.
  6. AllDo not create a new projectYou do not need to renew your account, or pay attention to the reminder that your account has expired, which does not affect your normal use.

SourceForge(Open Source, free, foreign)

The world's largest open-source software development platform and repository, supporting git, mercurial, and subversion

Google Code(Open Source, free, foreign)

Google open-source code hosting, supporting git, mercurial, and subversion for online browsing

GitHub(Open source, free, foreign)

Currently, the most popular code hosting service only supports git and can be viewed online,

Private projects are also provided, but charges are charged, $7.00/month

Oschina (Open source, free, domestic)

Emerging it portal websites in China support code snippets and can be viewed online

Csdn (Open source, free, domestic)

Not much. Points are required for downloading, but the point system is too junk.

When someone else downloads my code, the points returned to me are less than 10% of the total !!! Big Bug is pig bug

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