SVN Quick Start 1:SVN installation and common commands

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SVN believe everyone has used or heard of it? The advantages of it I do not say here, online introduction is more. Because it is version control, so the individual thinks its design principle does not need to know too much, only needs to understand the common sense can. Little brother Google for a long time, also did not find an introduction to the Quick Start article. Helpless under, read a few long speeches, finally learned a little bit of fur. I'm going to write an SVN QuickStart series, because it's a quick start, so it's generally only about operations. (

First, we download the SVN installation file, enter the URL:, find ... more downloads ... and then find windows that piece of download, note that there are two versions of Apache 2.0 or Apache 2.2, you can choose to download the same version of the Apache server inside your computer.

After the installation is complete, you can enter SVN--version at the command line to see if the installation was successful, and to see if Path added to the SVN installation directory in the system variable. The following figure:

Next, create the Creation library (repository) on the server side. A. Manually create a folder on your hard disk.

B. Enter the Svnadmin Create + warehouse directory at the command line. Create a version library. As shown in figure:

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