SVN server Setup--subversio and TORTOISESVN configuration installation

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1, Subversio and TORTOISESVN introduction

Subversio Introduction:

Subversion is a free, open source version control system that can be freely downloaded, modified, and republished free of charge.

is a universal system that can manage any type of file.

How the server operates: standalone server and Apache.

How to store version data: One is to store data in a Berkeley DB database. The other is to use ordinary files, in a custom format to store, called FSFS.

TORTOISESVN Introduction:

TortoiseSVN is a free open source client for Subversion version control systems.

Other detailed introduction please Baidu Google.

2, Subversion server-side download

Subversion: 91

I downloaded the 1.6.0 Version: Setup-subversion-1.6.0.msi

3, tortoisesvn client download and Chinese language pack download



TortoiseSVN Chinese Language Pack download: In the same page below the place. Download the corresponding version of the Chinese package. If the version does not correspond, it is not successful.

Languagepack_1.6.15.21042-win32-zh_cn.msi Simplified Chinese pack:


The result map of Chinese.

4. Subversion server-side installation and TORTOISESVN client Installation

Install follow the prompts to always click Next Next. After the TORTOISESVN installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer.

5. Build Warehouse/Repository (Repository)

Running the Subversion server requires the creation of a repository (Repository) to hold the project code.

There are two ways to build a repository:

1), start-à run-à input cmd-à open the DOS window, enter:

Svnadmin Create C:/projectname/repository

Behind the repository path you want to build.

2), using the TortoiseSVN tool to create:

Under the path c:/projectname/repository you want to create the repository, right--àtortoisesvn-àcreate Repository here ..., and then creates a series of directories and files. Some can choose to store version data, where the default is to store data in the Berkeley DB database, see the DB folder.

Note: Files in the path of the build repository cannot have spaces in the file name, otherwise it will be unsuccessful.

6. Configure Users and Permissions

1) Modify the svnserve.conf file

Open the svnserve.conf file under the c:/projectname/repository/conf directory.

Original configuration:


# anon-access = Read

# auth-access = Write


Modify the following configuration to remove the previous # number:


Anon-access=none//unauthenticated user without any permissions

Auth-access=write//authenticated user gives write permission

PASSWORD-DB=PASSWD//password data stored in the passwd file

Explanation: Anon-access=none does not have any permissions for unauthenticated users, and if this is not the case, the user does not have to enter a password to get the code version.

Auth-access=write has authenticated the user to give write permission.

PASSWORD-DB=PASSWD Save the password to the passwd file.

2) Modify the passwd file

Original configuration:


#harry = Harryssecret

#sally = Sallyssecret

The "=" sign is preceded by a user name followed by a password. Create your own user name and password in this format.


Xinxin = 123456

7. Start the server

Start the server's repository, and do not close the DOS window when it is started.

Start à run à input cmdà input svnserve-d-R c:/projectname/repository

8. Import/upload project to server

In C:/testproject this has a project, right click Àtortoisesvn->import ...

At URL of repository enter "Svn://", click OK to upload.

If there is no error, the data is all imported into the repository we just defined.

Enter the user name and password, tick save authentication, remember the password.

9. Remove items from client

On the client checkout project with TORTOISESVN installed, download the server-side project code to the local computer.

You want to check out the project in the D:/myproject/xinxin directory, right-->checkout the directory, and enter the address of the SVN://,IP address as the server in the URL of repository. This gives you a copy of your work.

Make changes in the working copy and submit:

Open Test.txt, make changes, and then right-->commit ... so that the changes are committed to the repository.

10, registration system services, with the computer to start

If you register the server as a system service, subversion will start up with your computer.

System boot

SC create Subversion_service binpath= "C:/Program files/subversion/bin/svnserve.exe--service-r C:/projectname/ Repository "displayname=" Subversion repository "

depend= Tcpip start= Auto

Explanation: Subversion_service is the name of the service. All system services can be started and stopped manually by command under DOS. Start: net start Subversion_service stop: net stop Subversion_service

BinPath is the path to the executable file for the installation of subversion.

C:/projectname/repository is the path to the repository.

Displayname= "Subversion Repository" for the registered system service display name, after the successful registration, you can find the name in the system service.

depend= TCPIP is dependent on the TCPIP protocol.

Start= Auto is registered as the system service startup type is automatic.

Register the system service success diagram.

Where does the system service look?

Start-à Control Panel-à management tools-à service.

or right-click My Computer-à manage-à services and applications-à services.

Displays the system service named Subversion repository for registration.

To delete a system service:

SC Delete Subversion_service

Delete the system service success diagram.

11. Subversio and TORTOISESVN related learning websites:

Subversion official website

TORTOISESVN official website

Subversion Chinese Station svn| tortoisesvn| Tutorials | documentation | training

Subversion Chinese community-I use SUBVERSION-SVN | TORTOISESVN Download Installation configuration Use the technical Exchange community

Use the Subversion command to create a repository, import an existing project, check out a project, revise a version, compare, view the details of a file, and more.

Using subversion under Eclipse



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SVN server Setup--subversio and TORTOISESVN configuration installation

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