Svn1.5 + TortoiseSVN1.5 + VisualSVN1.5

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1 Subversion server program

Generally, the binary version is not provided. It is compiled and uploaded by some fans after the new version is released. The simplest version is the installation of visual SVN server by a fool.

2 TortoiseSVN client program

Get the latest TortoiseSVN from the official website TortoiseSVN is a client program used to communicate with the subvers server. Subversion comes with a client program svn.exe, but TortoiseSVN provides better operations and improves efficiency.


3. visual studio plug-in visual SVN (client ):

Finally, visual SVN charges fees. All functions can be used only after the attack is cracked. There are many methods to crack online, which are roughly decompiled first (visual SVN. core. dll), The Validation Part exists in VisualSVN. core. licensing. in LicenseValidator, the original code is as follows:

Public static bool IsValid (License license, DateTime now)
If (license! = Null) & IsCorrect (license) & IsStarted (license, now ))
Return ???;
Return true;


In the above Code, change the question mark to true, and then compile and overwrite the source file. Just in case, back up the source file first. After I use reflector, there is a using error compiled. It is very simple. If you have any questions, please leave a message.

The latest version is 1.5.2. You can directly use the 1.5 core file to overwrite it. I have not encountered any problems. However, 1.5.2 The original core was not successfully cracked.

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