Swearing without dirty words

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Dear, I am grateful to you for saying: It is a great honor to let you go again. at this moment, no rhetoric can express your impulse. although I am not a molt at ordinary times, I still want to scold you. as a student, I fully care about your feelings. I am a civilized man. I will hold down the anger that cannot be extinguished in my heart and try not to use foul words. so, please listen:

You are an incomplete evolutionary living body, an alien with sudden changes in genes,
High school students with intelligence level in kindergarten, malformed children with 21-Third-body syndrome,
The abandoned baby of the yemaraya snowman blocks sanitary napkins in septic tanks,
The first generation of Crossbred descendant of African and black pigs, a gorilla with endocrine disorders,
The hippo squashed by Noah's Ark, a highly sterile, short-winged, orangular fruit fly,
A large number of stinking bananas in the skull cavity, peeking at the sister-in-law of Hibiscus,
Lymania, which is mutually beneficial to cockroaches, is a semi-plant with wood decay,
B people with bad smell, the source of the term "spit out,
Three degenerates dinosaurs every day, the most powerful waste in human history,
The old toilet that God fell down and thought about,
Damage the reputation of Asian compatriots, and shame on their ancestors,
The primitive species that scientists did not dare to study,
The essential ingredients for the destruction of the Universe, even the half-orcs who look down upon it,
10 times the oil concentration of the deposition raw materials, destroyed uncle McDonald,
A nasty guy like you can only play one dung in a TV series,
It is not as good as chewing gum where dogs leak urine on the side of the road,
Even if you are more than 10 times as beautiful as flowers, you have to find a girlfriend to go to the zoo or even leave the earth,
If you want to commit suicide, someone will advise you not to leave your bodies to avoid environmental pollution,
Even the amoeba cannot survive on the keyboard you have touched,
The sprayed saliva is more critical than the bird flu,
If you are cute, you can instantly solve the population expansion problem,
If you are handsome, humans will have to use ASnative reproduction,
Naturally, cerebral palsy can be your teacher, and mental retardation can teach you to speak,
As long as you look up the ozone layer,
People all over the world want to move to Mars to leave you,
If you are ugly enough to generate electricity, nuclear power plants around the world can be shut down,
If you go to war, bullet missiles will not be able to fly to you,
When you see a grenade, you will be self-defeating. When Wu sees it, you will be able to regain confidence,
When someone else needs to fly a plane to throw a hydrogen bomb, you only need to skydiving to have the same power,
All the places of interest you have visited have changed to monuments. the places you have visited will become history,
108 people who have never done a good job in their life will be familiar with you, and it is not enough to bring you into the sun to be environmentally friendly.

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