Sweet old Beijing fried noodles

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500 grams of half fat thin meat, 1 bag of Yellow sauce, 150 ml water, 1 onion, 1 scoop of soy sauce, 200 grams of green bean sprout, 1 cucumber, right amount of noodles, right amount of garlic, right amount of vinegar

1. pour soy sauce and soy sauce into a large bowl, then add 150 ml of water and use chopsticks to slowly mix them up. Cut the Scallions into slices for backup.

2. In the frying pan, add more oil than the sauteed dish to the hot pot, stir fry the oil at the end of the chopped green onion for half a minute, and then stir fry the minced meat together until the food is discolored, then, pour the blended soy sauce and stir fry it for 78 minutes with the minimum fire.

3. Put the washed green bean sprout in boiling water and boil it and immediately pull it out; cut the cucumber into silk after washing; garlic chopped into garlic for backup
4. Boil the water that has burned the green bean sprout, cook the noodles, and soak the noodles in cold boiled water.

5. Finally, add the green bean sprout and shredded cucumber to the noodles, add a spoonful of fried garlic, and mix them with a little vinegar.
1. It is best to choose half fat and thin pork with fried sauce, and the oil should be slightly more than the cooking oil. It will be very fragrant only when frying the sauce with a small fire.
2. The green bean sprout can be retained in boiling water for 5 seconds. Do not boil it too soft. It tastes delicious only when it is a little crispy.
3. I personally think that vinegar and garlic are the essence of soy sauce. It is best not to drop them down.

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