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Convert font file to Flash (SWF) file, it should be used to invoke font when writing flash


Turn multiple JPEG into a SWF slideshow


Similar to the jpeg2swf, it applies to images in PNG format.


This is similar to jpeg2swf and supports animated GIF files.


Developed on the basis of Xpdf, can parse PDF, and convert pdf into Flash (SWF) file, support for multibyte fonts such as Chinese.


Merging two SWF files should mean inserting a SWF file generated by pdf2swf into a swf template, such as adding navigation bars, and so on.


converting sound files to SWF requires LAME MP3 encoder class support


Scans the SWF file and exports text text, Swf2text, to extract text from the SWF, so that the SWF can also support text lookup.


This should probably be understood to show and adjust the SWF size, some PDF files into SwF will appear incomplete phenomenon, it is necessary to use this

The specific function as the name suggests.

One of the tools for converting PDFs into SWF is pdf2swf. Running pdf2swf src.pdf des.swf in the command line can generally meet the requirements. Command line arguments can be obtained by pdf2swf-f:

-H, –help print short helps message and exit printing help information

-V, –version print version info and exit prints the build number

-O, –output file.swf Direct output to file.swf. If file.swf contains ' 13568621′ (file13568630.swf), then each page specifies the output SWF filename

-p, –pages range Convert only pages in range with range e.g 1-20

or 1,4,6,9-11 or

Specifies the page range for the conversion, using the same page number description as the printer when the file is printed

-p, –password password use password for deciphering the PDF. Specify the password to open the PDF

-V, –verbose be verbose. Use the more than one-v for greater effect. Output details when converting

-Z, –zlib use Flash 6 (MX) zlib compression. zlib compression mechanism using Flash 6

-I, –ignore allows pdf2swf to change the draw order of the PDF. This generated allows the program to modify the order in which the PDF is drawn, which may result in a difference from the original

-j, –jpegquality quality Set quality of embedded JPEG pictures to quality. 0 is worst (small), best in (big). (default:85) Sets the quality of the JPEG picture in which it is converted, from 0 to 100, and the default value is 85.

-S, –set Param=value set a SWF encoder specific parameter. Pdf2swf-s Help for more information. Set the parameters of SwF transcoding, the specific parameters can be obtained with pdf2swf-s help

-W, –samewindow when converting PDF hyperlinks, don ' t make the links open a new window. Use the same window when you set a converted SWF to open a connection in the original PDF

-T, –stop Insert a Stop () command in each page. Add a Stop () command at the end of each page

-T, –flashversion num set flash version in the SWF header to Num. Set the number of flash versions used by the SWF

-F, –fontdir directory Add directory to the font search path. Specify the path where the font file is located

-B, –defaultviewer Link a standard viewer to the SWF file. Specifies the default SWF navigation file for paging, zooming in, and so on

-L, –defaultloader Link a standard preloader to the SWF file which'll be displayed while the main SWF is loading. Specifies the default SWF load file to display the load process effect

-B, –viewer filename Link viewer filename to the SWF file. Specifies the SWF navigation file, which functions as-B

-L, –preloader filename Link preloader filename to the SWF file. Specifies the SWF load file, which acts as-l

-Q, –quiet suppress normal messages. USE-QQ to suppress warnings, also. Do not print general information, with-QQ does not print warning information.

-S, –shapes Don ' t use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape. Do not use fonts, all are converted to shapes.

-F, –fonts Store full fonts in SWF. (Don ' t reduce to used characters). Save all fonts in the SWF.

-G, –flatten Remove as many clip layers from file as possible. Remove the movie layer as much as possible in the file and merge them

-I, –info Don ' t do actual conversion, just display a list of all pages in the PDF. does not make the actual conversion, only displays the information of the PDF.

-Q, –maxtime n Abort conversion after n seconds. Only available on Unix. Exit if the run time times out.

Then look at what the-s can set:

PDF Parameters:

PDF Device Global Parameters:

Fontdir= a directory with additional fonts specifies the font directory, similar to-F for Level 1 parameters

Additional font filename adds additional font files

pages= the range of pages to convert (example:pages=1-100,210-) specifies the page range, similar to-p for level 1 parameters

Zoom= the resolution (DEFAULT:72) specifies the resolution, which defaults to 72dpi

languagedir= Add an Xpdf language directory adds a Xpdf language directory that is useful for non-Western European characters

Multiply= Render Everything at the resolution rendering at times of resolution

Poly2bitmap convert graphics to bitmaps turn the graphic into a dot matrix

Bitmap convert everything to bitmaps turn everything into a dot matrix (including fonts)

SWF Parameters:

SWF Layer Options:

jpegsubpixels= resolution adjustment for JPEG images (same as jpegdpi, but in pixels) JPEG image resolution

ppmsubpixels= resolution adjustment for lossless images (same asppmdpi, but in pixels) lossless picture resolution

subpixels= shortcut for setting both Jpegsubpixels and Ppmsubpixels set up two parameters quickly

Drawonlyshapes convert everything to shapes (currently broken) all turn to graphics

Ignoredraworder allow to perform a few optimizations for creating smaller allow some minor optimizations to be performed

Linksopennewwindow make links open a new browser window link

LinkTarget target window Name of new links window


Linknameurl link buttons would be named like the URL they refer to (handy for iterating, links with ActionScript) The name is consistent with the link URL

Storeallcharacters don ' t reduce the fonts to used characters in the output file save all character fonts

Enablezlib switch on zlib compression (also do if flashversion>=7) using zlib compression

Bboxvars Store the bounding box of the SWF file in ActionScript variables save the SWF's area size in as

Dots Take care to handle dots correctly save single point display

REORDERTAGS=0/1 (default:1) perform some tag optimizations performs some tag optimizations

internallinkfunction= the user clicks a internal link (to a different page) in the converted file, this ActionScript The function is called internal link functions, and if you click on an internal link, the ActionScript function is called

externallinkfunction= when the user clicks a external link (e.g. http://www.foo.bar/) on the converted file, this actions The Cript function is called external link function, and if you click on an external link, the ActionScript function is called

Disable_polygon_conversion never convert strokes to polygons (will remove capstyles and joint styles) do not turn strokes into polygons

Caplinewidth= the minimum thichness a line needs to have so that capstyles become (and visible are) lines with the lowest conversion width, than this Thin lines will not be converted

Insertstop put a ActionScript "stop" tag in every frame to add the STOP () function in each of the SWF frames

Protect add a "protect" tag to the file, to prevent loadingin the Flash Editor add protect tag, prohibit loading the SWF in Flash

flashversion= the SWF fileversion (6) Set the minimum SWF version

framerate= SWF framerate Set hardwood rate

Minlinewidth= convert horizontal/vertical boxes smaller than thiswidth to lines (0.05) turn a rectangle with a width less than a value into a line

Simpleviewer Add next/previous buttons to the SWF using simple navigation

Animate insert a showframe tag after each placeobject (animate draw order of PDF files)???

Jpegquality= set compression quality of JPEG images setting JPEG compression quality

splinequality= Set The quality of spline convertion to value (0-100, default:100). To set the transformation quality of spline curves

Disablelinks Disable links. Prohibit link

There are some problems with PDF conversion with Chinese, the specific solution: (Javaeye on the text)

1. Download Swftools

Download Xpdf xpdf-chinese-simplified

Download two Chinese font file font files

2. Install Swftools to any path

Extract Xpdf to any path

Extract Chinese fonts into the Xdpfchinese-simplifiedcmap folder

3. Modify the Xpdf XPDFRC file to change the Cidtounicode path to the native path.

Modify Xpdf under CHINESE-SIMPLIFIEDADD-TO-XPDFRC file ditto

4. Open command Line window: Pdf2swf-o output file path-T input file path-s languagedir=xpdf path chinese-simplified

In some PDFs, the graphics conversion is not good, resulting in too much shape, in which case you can use the parameters of-s poly2bitmap to turn the graph into a dot matrix. The generated SWF size is small.

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