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Package com;/*** calendar control * @ author Lucifer. wang */import Java. AWT. borderlayout; import Java. AWT. color; import Java. AWT. component; import Java. AWT. dimension; import Java. AWT. flowlayout; import Java. AWT. toolkit; import Java. AWT. event. actionevent; import Java. AWT. event. actionlistener; import Java. AWT. event. keyevent; import Java. AWT. event. windowadapter; import Java. AWT. event. using wevent; import Java. util. calendar; I Mport Java. util. date; import javax. swing. abstractaction; import javax. swing. inputmap; import javax. swing. jbutton; import javax. swing. jcombobox; import javax. swing. jcomponent; import javax. swing. jdialog; import javax. swing. jframe; import javax. swing. jpanel; import javax. swing. jspinner; import javax. swing. jtable; import javax. swing. keystroke; import javax. swing. listselectionmodel; import javax. swing. spinnernumbe Rmodel; import javax. swing. swingconstants; import javax. swing. uimanager; import javax. swing. event. changeevent; import javax. swing. event. changelistener; import javax. swing. event. listselectionevent; import javax. swing. event. listselectionlistener; import javax. swing. table. defaulttablecellrenderer; import javax. swing. table. defaulttablemodel; public class calendarpanel extends jdialog {private jcombobox combobo Xmonth; private jspinner spinneryear; private jtable2 table; private jtablemodel2 tablemodel; private calendar; private string [] days = {"sun", "mon", "Tur ", "wed", "Thu", "fri", "sat"}; private string [] months = {"January", "February", "March", "CMDL ", "may", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"}; private int year =-1; private int month =-1; private int da Te =-1; private int oldyear =-1; private int oldmonth =-1; private int olddate =-1; private Boolean flag = true; private jbutton okbutton; private jbutton cancelbutton; public calendarpanel (jframe frame) {super (frame, true); this. settitle ("select date"); Calendar = calendar. getinstance (); initcomponent (); setsize (400,450); Center (); setvisible (true);} public calendarpanel (calendar) {super (); this. calenda R = calendar; initcomponent (); setsize (400,450); Center (); setvisible (true);} public calendarpanel (date) {super (); this. calendar = calendar. getinstance (); this. calendar. settime (date); initcomponent (); setsize (400,450); Center (); setvisible (true);} public calendarpanel (INT year, int month, int date) {super (); this. calendar = calendar. getinstance (); Calendar. set (calendar. year, year); Calendar. set (calendar. Month, month-1); Calendar. set (calendar. date, date); oldyear = calendar ar. get (calendar. year); oldmonth = calendar. get (calendar. month); olddate = calendar. get (calendar. date); initcomponent (); setsize (400,450); Center (); setvisible (true);} public void Center () {dimension screensize = toolkit. getdefatooltoolkit (). getscreensize (); dimension framesize = getsize (); If (framesize. height> screensize. height) {f Ramesize. height = screensize. height;} If (framesize. width> screensize. width) {framesize. width = screensize. width;} super. setlocation (screensize. width-framesize. width)/2, (screensize. height-framesize. height)/2);} public calendar getcalendar () {return calendar;} Public String getcalendarbydate (string tag) {stringbuffer strret = new stringbuffer (); If (calendar! = NULL) {oldyear = calendar. get (calendar. year); oldmonth = calendar. get (calendar. month); olddate = calendar. get (calendar. date); If (olddate <10) strret. append ("0" + olddate); elsestrret. append (olddate); strret. append (TAG); If (oldmonth <10) strret. append ("0" + oldmonth); elsestrret. append (oldmonth); strret. append (TAG + oldyear); Return strret. tostring ();} return NULL;} public date getcalendarbydate () {If (Cal Endar! = NULL) return calendar. gettime (); return NULL;} private void initcomponent () {oldyear = calendar. get (calendar. year); oldmonth = calendar. get (calendar. month); olddate = calendar. get (calendar. date); // This. setborder (New titledborder ("date"); this. getcontentpane (). setlayout (New borderlayout (); setnorthpanel (); setcenterpanel (); setsouthpanel (); eventlistenter (); setdata ();} private void setdata () {year = calen Dar. get (calendar. year); month = calendar. get (calendar. month); Date = calendar. get (calendar. date); comboboxmonth. setselectedindex (month); spinneryear. setvalue (New INTEGER (year);} private void eventlistenter () {spinneryear. addchangelistener (New changelistener () {public void statechanged (changeevent e) {year = integer. parseint (string. valueof (spinneryear. getvalue (); refreshtable () ;}}); comboboxmonth. addac Tionlistener (New actionlistener () {public void actionreceivmed (actionevent e) {month = comboboxmonth. getselectedindex (); refreshtable () ;}}); table. getselectionmodel (). addlistselectionlistener (New listselectionlistener () {public void valuechanged (listselectionevent e) {If (table. getselectedrow ()>-1 & table. getselectedcolumn ()>-1) {date = integer. parseint (string. valueof (table. getvalueat (table. gets Electedrow (), table. getselectedcolumn (); Calendar. set (calendar. year, year); Calendar. set (calendar. month, month); Calendar. set (calendar. date, date) ;}}); abstractaction right = (New abstractaction () {/*****/Private Static final long serialversionuid =-342988%0%305492l; public void action=med (actionevent e) {If (table. getcolumncount () = table. getselectedcolumn () + 1) {table. changeselection (Table. getselectedrow () + 1, 0, false, false);} else {table. changeselection (table. getselectedrow (), table. getselectedcolumn () + 1, false, false) ;}}); abstractaction left = (New abstractaction () {/*****/Private Static final long serialversionuid =-2487040789339112435l; public void actionreceivmed (actionevent e) {If (0> table. getselectedcolumn ()-1) {table. changeselection (table. getselectedrow ()- 1, table. getcolumncount ()-1, false, false);} else {table. changeselection (table. getselectedrow (), table. getselectedcolumn ()-1, false, false) ;}}); inputmap = table. getinputmap (jcomponent. when_ancestor_of_focused_component); keystroke = keystroke. getkeystroke (keyevent. vk_right, 0); table. getactionmap (). put (inputmap. get (keystroke), right); keystroke = keystroke. getkeystroke (keyeven T. vk_left, 0); table. getactionmap (). put (inputmap. get (keystroke), left); okbutton. addactionlistener (New actionlistener () {public void actionreceivmed (actionevent e) {/** calendar. set (calendar. year, integer. parseint (string *. valueof (spinneryear. getvalue (); * Calendar. set (calendar. month, * comboboxmonth. getselectedindex (); * Calendar. set (calendar. date, integer. parseint (string *. valueof (table. get Valueat (table. getselectedrow (), table *. getselectedcolumn (); oldyear = * Calendar. get (calendar. year); oldmonth = * Calendar. get (calendar. month); olddate = * Calendar. get (calendar. date); * joptionpane. showmessagedialog (calendarpanel. this, "OK, select * date is" + calendarpanel. this. getcalendarbydate (); */setvisible (false) ;}}); cancelbutton. addactionlistener (New actionlistener () {public void Ctionreceivmed (actionevent e) {/** calendar. set (calendar. year, oldyear); * Calendar. set (calendar. month, oldmonth); * Calendar. set (calendar. date, olddate); * joptionpane. showmessagedialog (calendarpanel. this, "cancel, * date is" + calendarpanel. this. getcalendarbydate (); */Calendar = NULL; setvisible (false) ;}}); addwindowlistener (New windowadapter () {public void windowclosing (windowevent e) {calenda R = NULL; super. windowclosing (e) ;}});} private void refreshtable () {for (INT I = tablemodel. getrowcount ()-1; I> 0; I --) {tablemodel. removerow (I);} calendar. set (calendar. year, year); Calendar. set (calendar. month, month); int maxdate = calendar ar. getactualmaximum (calendar. date); Calendar. set (calendar. date, 1); int startday = calendar. get (calendar. day_of_week); For (INT I = 0; I <6; I ++) {tablemodel. addrow (New object [7]);} int selectrow =-1; int selectcolumn =-1; for (INT I = 0; I <maxdate; I ++) {int M = (INT) (startday-1)/7) + 1; int n = (startday-1) % 7; tablemodel. setvalueat (string. valueof (I + 1), m, n); startday = startday + 1; if (date! =-1 & date = I + 1) {selectrow = m; selectcolumn = n ;}} table. changeselection (selectrow, selectcolumn, false, false);} private void setsouthpanel () {jpanel Panel = new jpanel (); panel. setlayout (New flowlayout (flowlayout. right); okbutton = new jbutton ("OK"); panel. add (okbutton); cancelbutton = new jbutton ("cancel"); panel. add (cancelbutton); this. getcontentpane (). add (panel, borderlayout. south);} private void setcenterpanel () {table = new jtable2 (); tablemodel = new jtablemodel2 (); tablemodel. setcolumnidentifiers (days); tablemodel. addrow (days); table. setmodel (tablemodel); For (INT I = 0; I <7; I ++) {table. getcolumnmodel (). getcolumn (I ). setcellrenderer (New defaulttablecellrenderer2 ();} This. getcontentpane (). add (table, borderlayout. center);} private void setnorthpanel () {jpanel Panel = new jpanel (); panel. setlayout (New flowlayout (); comboboxmonth = new jcombobox (); For (INT I = 0; I <months. length; I ++) {comboboxmonth. additem (months [I]);} comboboxmonth. setselectedindex (-1); Panel. add (comboboxmonth); roloverspinnerlistmodel numbermodel = new roloverspinnerlistmodel (1980,198 0, 2099, 1); spinneryear = new jspinner (numbermodel); jspinner. numbereditor = new jspinner. numbereditor (spinneryear, "####"); spinneryear. seteditor (numbereditor); panel. add (spinneryear); this. getcontentpane (). add (panel, borderlayout. north);} public static void main (string [] ARGs) {jframe frame = new jframe (); calendarpanel = new calendarpanel (FRAME); // frame. getcontentpane (). add (calendarpanel, borderlayout. center); calendarpanel. setsize (400,450); // calendarpanel. setdefaclocloseoperation (jframe. exit_on_close); calendarpanel. setvisible (true);} protected void validatetree () {super. validatetree (); If (FLAG) {table. requestfocus (); flag = false ;}} class roloverspinnerlistmodel extends spinnernumbermodel {/*****/Private Static final long serialversionuid = random; Public roloverspinnerlistmodel (INT value, int minimum, int maximum, int stepsize) {super (value, minimum, maximum, stepsize);} public object getnextvalue () {object returnvalue = super. getnextvalue (); If (returnvalue = NULL) {returnvalue = super. getminimum ();} return returnvalue;} public object getpreviusvalue () {object returnvalue = super. getpreviusvalue (); If (returnvalue = NULL) {returnvalue = super. getmaximum () ;}return returnvalue ;}} class jtable2 extends jtable {/*****/Private Static final long serialversionuid = 2092799354481792316l; Public jtable2 () {This. gettableheader (). setreorderingallowed (false); this. gettableheader (). setresizingallowed (false); this. setselectionmode (listselectionmodel. single_selection); this. setcellselectionenabled (true); this. setgridcolor (color. white);} public void changeselection (INT rowindex, int columnindex, Boolean toggle, Boolean extend) {If (this. getvalueat (rowindex, columnindex) = NULL) {return;} If (rowindex = 0) {return;} super. changeselection (rowindex, columnindex, toggle, extend);} public void repaint (int x, int y, int width, int height) {super. repaint (X, Y, width, height); If (height> 0) {maketablerowheight () ;}} protected void validatetree () {super. validatetree (); maketablerowheight ();} private void maketablerowheight () {int rowheight = (INT) (this. getheight ()/7) * 0.6); If (rowheight> 0) {This. setrowheight (0, rowheight);} rowheight = (INT) (this. getheight ()-rowheight)/6); If (rowheight> 0) {for (INT I = 1; I <8; I ++) {This. setrowheight (I, rowheight) ;}}} class jtablemodel2 extends ululttablemodel {/***/Private Static final long serialversionuid = 3655520869200784738l; Public Boolean iscelleditable (INT row, int column) {return false ;}} class extends defaulttablecellrenderer {/*****/Private Static final long serialversionuid =-inline; public component gettablecellrenderercomponent (jtable table, object value, Boolean isselected, boolean hasfocus, int row, int column) {component Component = super. gettablecellrenderercomponent (table, value, isselected, hasfocus, row, column); this. sethorizontalalignment (swingconstants. center); If (ROW = 0) {component. setbackground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellforeground "); component. setforeground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellbackground "); return component;} else {If (isselected) {component. setbackground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellforeground "); component. setforeground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellbackground ");} else {component. setbackground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellbackground "); component. setforeground (uimanager. getcolor ("table. focuscellforeground ");} If (column = 0 | column = 6) {component. setforeground (color. red) ;}} return component ;}}

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