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With the further construction of China's information network, the further improvement of network quality, high-speed, high-performance Ethernet switch will become the mainstream of network product development.

The switch is an essential equipment for the network of large and medium sized enterprises, it plays a very important role in the network construction, it can increase the network capacity and improve the network speed. In China, with the further construction of information Network, Ethernet switch market is in fierce competition with other kinds of market.

Some experts estimate that in the next 1-3 years, China's market demand for switch products will increase significantly, will become the IT industry one of the fastest growing areas. At present, with the wide application of switch and the intensification of market competition, many changes have taken place in switch products. Changes in the brewing of new product development trends, specific performance in the following areas.

Medium and low end switch: Need control function

Broadband network construction boom was once high, but soon exposed because of the existing technology and equipment function is not perfect, broadband network profit model is single, can not well adapt to the user multi-level needs and price affordability. To improve the profitability of broadband network is to achieve the network can operate, manageable, the current key problem is that operators need to change the single monthly billing model, to provide different prices of differentiated services.

At present, the middle and low-end switches need to have a general two-tier switch does not have the Bandwidth division and control functions, so that operators can provide bandwidth according to user requirements, can be realized by the bandwidth of the monthly billing method, flexible to meet the different needs of different users and consumption capabilities.

Gigabit switches: Toward manageable

From a technical point of view, Gigabit Ethernet products have been very mature and perfect technical standards. From the point of view of the local area network design, the switch which supports Gigabit Ethernet technology is divided into gigabit core switching devices, Gigabit workgroup switching devices, and gigabit desktop switching devices.

As a result of the domestic enterprise informatization and network process deepening and enterprise LAN construction popularization, Gigabit Ethernet switch sales have increased significantly. Gigabit backbone switches should be able to provide users with the best performance to eliminate the network "bottleneck", at the same time gigabit backbone switches should have a very strong manageability, to support the VLAN, link aggregation, spanning tree, broadcast storm control, IP Multicast, QoS and other functions. In the enterprise network Gigabit access switches are connected to the backbone, the allied to the workgroup or desktop switches, generally used in different parts of the enterprise or between different floors. This kind of switch of course has very good performance, and because of direct connection to the user, for functional features such as VLAN, address filtering, remote management requirements are very high.

Million-Gigabit switches: Communication TCP/IP and telecommunications network

With the increasing popularity of gigabit to desktop, Gigabit Ethernet technology will be widely used in the convergence layer and backbone layer. But in the current network situation, the first application of Gigabit Ethernet will be the education industry and data center export, the backbone of the metropolitan area network.

When building a metropolitan area network, if the convergence layer and even the backbone layer Unified Ethernet technology, will have equipment cost reduction, network structure concise, high scalability and other advantages; operators can use Gigabit Ethernet switches to connect the upper and lower nodes, no longer need dedicated oadm and DWDM equipment, thus eliminating the redundancy level, Reduce the cost of building a metropolitan area network, its management costs can also be reduced, the future expansion will be more simple.

Gigabit Ethernet fills a gap between TCP/IP and traditional telecommunication networks, which makes migration to packet networks further. Gigabit Ethernet is more cost-effective than SONET/SDH OC-192 ports, and is much simpler to manage and operate. It can be foreseen that the future of the million-gigabit switch products will be more and more.

Layer three switch: not equal to Router

With the rapid development of enterprise network, Campus network and broadband construction in our country, the three-layer switch has found new market growth point again, its application from the initial backbone layer, the convergence layer has penetrated to the edge of the access layer. The three-layer switch can operate on the third layer of the network protocol, play the role of routing decision, and have the speed of the second layer exchange, and the price is relatively low. In the current hot broadband network construction, three-tier switches are generally placed in the center of the community and a number of community convergence layer, due to the emergence of three-tier switches, three-tier switches will dominate the LAN in the future has become an indisputable fact.

Many people think that the three-tier switch can replace the router. But in fact, the three-tier switch, while somehow shaking the corporate router's position, does not completely replace the router. The three-tier switch does not yet provide a complete routing protocol, and routers have the ability to handle multiple protocols at the same time. For networks that connect different protocols, such as Ethernet and Token ring, it is impossible for network data to be transferred through three-layer switch. In addition, routers also have a fourth layer of network management capabilities, which is not available in the three-tier switch.

Users in the use of the process and manufacturers in the development of three-tier switches should be clear that the three-tier switch is not equal to routers, and can not completely replace the router.

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