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The term "incremental linking" is often used in Visual C ++.
Not only the vs series, but other connectors also have this feature), for example, we often encounter: the previous incremental link does not have
Generate it and execute the full link. But what does it mean? Many people only see it frequently, but do not
Understand what this is. First of all, this feature is added by the linker to <increase the link speed>.
Yes. You may not understand it. Let's talk about the principle below:

There is a source code file, you write a lot of lines, you are debugging it, you suddenly find somewhere
There is a small bug. You want to correct it. Okay, the error is corrected. But how should the linker link the new code?

1. You can delete OBJ and regenerate it.
Second, reserve a part of space for each function. During the compilation link, only the modified function is modified.
The corresponding code. Other binary codes remain unchanged.

As you may have understood, reserve some space for the target (function) code, which is the content of "increment"
After the code is modified, you only need to modify the target code to quickly complete the compilation and link!
This increases the speed of editing and compilation during code debugging! That's why the debugger
Supports the "edit and continue" feature!

Isn't it a waste of space? You may think, but it is true. Because of this, the debug version
The target file is much larger than the target file of the release version (not just because of this ).
You cannot enable the incremental link mode!



Article from http://www.cnblogs.com/nbsofer/archive/2013/06/26/3157619.html

[Switch] incremental linking)

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