[Switch] solution for drupal7 request exception and long execution time

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Solution to the drupal7 request error because the execution time is too long

Drupal cannot read webpages based on your system or network settings, resulting in missing functions. This problem may be caused by web server configuration or PHP settings. You can update, obtain the update source, log on with openid, or download information from other network services. If you confirm that Drupal can normally read the webpage but still see this message, you can add it at the bottom of your settings. php file$ Conf ['drupal _ http_request_fails '] = false;.



YourStatus ReportPage locatedAdmin/reports/statusReturns the following error


HTTP Request status fails
Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access web pages, resulting in CED functionality. this cocould be due to your webserver configuration or PHP settings, and shocould be resolved in order to download information about available updates, fetch aggregator feeds, sign in Via openid, or use other network-dependent services.


Error screenshot. Under sectionHTTP Request status




Add this sentence at the end of settings. php (modify read-only permission)


$ Conf ['drupal _ http_request_fails '] = false;

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