[Switch] the keyboard cannot be typed normally when the Remote Desktop is connected to the server

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When the Remote Desktop is connected to the server, the keyboard cannot be typed normally. After you enable the keyboard that comes with windows, you can use the keyboard to enter the keyboard normally.


Enable the keypad:

1. Run row input: osk


Start-accessories-easy access-on-screen keyboard. OK
Another statement:

I have been using the Remote Desktop to connect to the WINXP operating system and found a very annoying problem. At some time, I often find that the input key is changed to a shortcut key.

For example, the pop-up "Auxiliary Function options", some programs are quickly started, and the resource manager is displayed by E.

You can only restart the Remote Desktop machine or the local machine to solve this problem.

After summary, we found that the resource manager will appear at press E, which is equivalent to win + E, so we remembered that we pressed win + l lock screen at lunch.

So there is a problem with Remote Desktop. It must be a bug !!!

The initial solution was: Multiple win + L attempts to restore to normal, but often failed.

The final solution is: in the Remote Desktop XP system, press win to bring up the "Start Menu" on the Remote Desktop.

After several months, the problem has finally been solved !!!!

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