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Method One:
You can use WinRAR software to open the D:e: F: Wait for a disk to see if there are SES.EXE files on each disk if so, then the Rose virus is modified.
The solution is this:
In Safe mode for manual antivirus, in addition, I am in the Register, manual search for virus-related files: Sxs.exe, Svohost, Autorun.inf, found after all deleted, each letter is deleted, and then Safe mode running antivirus software, OK.

Manual processing is as follows:
Task Manager can end SxS process deletion, remember, right mouse button into the hard drive
Press Ctrl+shift+esc three keys at the same time to open Windows Task Manager
Select the "Process" tab inside
Look for "Sxs.exe" under "Image name" but click on it and select "End Process"
Be sure to end all the "sxs.exe" processes
Open My Computer Click Folder Options under the Tools menu
Click the View tab to set the
"Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" Check in front of the cancellation
and select the "Show All Files and folders" option below
Click "OK"
With the right mouse button point C disk (can not double-click!) ) Select "Open"
Delete "Autorun.inf" Files and "Sxs.exe" files under C disk
Select "Open" with the right mouse button on the D disk.
Delete the "Autorun.inf" file and the "Sxs.exe" file under D disk (another file is also, an. exe deleted it)
And so on, delete all the AUTORUN on the disk. INF files and "Rose.exe" files
Click Start Select "Run" enter "regedit" (no quotes), carriage return
Expand the Registry Editor to the left of my computer >hkey_local_machine>software>microsoft>windows>currentversion>run
Delete the ROSE (C:windowssystem32sxs.exe) item in the Run item
Close Registry Editor
And then restart the computer
Remove the hard drive is Rose:
Press the SHIFT key to insert the USB drive until the computer prompts "new hardware to use"
Turn on My Computer
At this point on the U disk icon on the right mouse button to choose "Open" (not important to play automatically or double-click!) )
Delete SXS.exe and Autorun.inf files The virus is gone.

Method Two:
Sxs.exe Virus Manual Removal method
Features: Sxs.exe,autorun.inf files are automatically generated in each packing directory, and some are generated SVOHOST.exe or sxs.exe under Windowssystem32, and the file attributes are implied attributes. Disable antivirus software automatically.
Ctrl + Alt + Del Task Manager, look in the process for SxS or svohost (not svchost, one letter), and then end it (not all systems show this process, skip this step).
(Show hidden system files)

Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexploreradvancedfolderhiddenshowall, modify the checked key value to 1

Notice here, the virus will be valid DWORD value checked deleted, a new invalid string value checked, type REG_SZ, and the key value to 0! It's no use changing this to 1. We have to see the type behind the checked, the correct is "Red_dword" instead of "REG_SZ" (some of the virus variants will directly delete this checked, just like the following, you can build a new one on it)

Method: Delete The checked key value, right-click the new--dword value-named checked, and modify its key value of 1 so that you can select Show all hidden files and show system files.

(remove virus from startup Item) Open registry Run--regedit

SVOHOST.exe or Sxs.exe
Find Soundmam (note not soundman, only one letter) key value, there may be two, delete the key value is C:\WINDOWSsystem32SVOHOST.exe

And then:
Remove bat for each disk virus file
The following code is saved as a bat
attrib sxs.exe-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Sxs.exe
attrib autorun.inf-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Autorun.inf
attrib sxs.exe-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Sxs.exe
attrib autorun.inf-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Autorun.inf
attrib sxs.exe-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Sxs.exe
attrib autorun.inf-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Autorun.inf
attrib sxs.exe-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Sxs.exe
attrib autorun.inf-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Autorun.inf
attrib sxs.exe-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Sxs.exe
attrib autorun.inf-a-h-s
DEL/S/q/f Autorun.inf

Method Three:
Sxs.exe virus Manual Deletion method author: eliuzd
The first time ever encountered such a stubborn virus, online looking for, there is no uniform name, rising called TROJAN.PSW.QQPASS.PQB virus, I call it sxs.exe virus it
After reloading the system, double-click the partition disk again in the, depressed, rising automatic shutdown can not open, decided to manually delete it
Phenomenon: System files hidden cannot be displayed, double-click the letter does not reflect, Task Manager found Sxs.exe or Svohost.exe (with the system process svchost.exe a word of the difference), anti-virus software real-time monitoring automatic shutdown and can not open
Find a lot of methods on the Internet, can not be effectively deleted, and no Kill tools

Orange August Special Extract removal Tool download Address:

the weakness of the Sxs.exe virus
Many friends are infected by moving the disk copy things, especially U disk, when you copy the thing, use DOS to enter your mobile disk dir/a display all files, if found in the Recruit, There are Sxs.exe and Autorun.inf. Create a notepad in a non-root directory, named Sxs.exe create a Autorun.inf content can be empty or add [autorun]shutdown= Sxs.exe replaces the Sxs.exe and Autorun.inf of the mobile disk.

Sxs.exe Kill Download
--> -->
SXS. EXE Svohost. EXE Special Kill tool Qqpass-rjumpstinger

); "Border=0>

McAfee AVERT Stinger for W32/qqpass.worm and W32/rjump.worm

SXS. EXE Svohost. EXE Trojan Kill (McAfee produced)

Deletes the SXS.EXE, svohost in the system directory. EXE and WINSCOK.DLL files
Delete the SXS.EXE and Autorun.inf files under each partition

Use steps
A) Double-click Stinger.exe Run
b Click Add to add the area you want to sweep (suggest to add your own letter to the picture)
c) Click "Scan Now"
d) reboot can be

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