SYBASE 11.0.0 for SCO UNIX installation manual

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SYBASE SYSTEM 11.0.0 for SCO UNIX 5.0.5

Installation Instructions

1. You must first determine that the NIC is properly configured on the system.

2. Log in as root, create Sybase user with scoadmin command, group belong to Sybase

Once the above two is confirmed, we can move to a phase of installation.


# divvy

System sub-partition table (sample example)

Nametypenew fs#fist Blocklast Block


Swapnon FSno120000109999



Raw1non fsno4--

Raw2non fsno5--

Recovernon FSno621104542110463

Hd0whole DISKno702111471

RAW1 and RAW2 are the physical device names that the Sybase database device actually holds. RAW1 is used to hold the database, RAW2 is used to store the transaction log.

Here we correctly allocate the size of RAW1 and RAW2:

Let's say we define raw1=600m, raw2=200m.

Nname or Renawe a Divishon

Ccredit a new file system on this Divison

Tselect or change filesystem type on new filesystem

Pprevent a new file system from being crented on the division

Sstart a division on a different block

Eend a division on a different block

Rrestore The original Division table

Enter the choice or Q to quit_____ N↙

Whick Division (O through 7): 4↙

What do your want to call It?:raw1↙

Define the starting block and set the starting block as needed:

Enter you choice or Q Quit:s↙

Whick Division? : 4↙

Start number Block:1310000↙

(Recommended: The size of the boot is the size of the 20mb,u file system is 500MB)

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