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Huang Di is the great ancestor of the Chinese family. He and Yandi defeated the intruders, Yu, and unified the tribal alliances. They were the ancestor of Chinese civilization and human beings.
In ancient books, it is wrong to write the Yellow Emperor as the "Emperor. Because the Yellow Emperor is "for the ground, for the people to think of the teacher" (<called Jing. Take the people as the teacher>) and call the people "the people", the ancestor of a civilized civilization with democratic ideas, and the ancestor of a human being. He will help himself as the Minister of rende and the people who love the people, the Thought of "the emperor is the teacher of the Emperor" is humble. The term "Emperor" was used by Qin Shihuang when he established the Qin Dynasty. The term "Emperor" is a symbol of "authority and family.
The Yellow Emperor has 25 children, 12 of whom are outstanding. The Yellow Emperor worships the dragon totem, the Yandi worships the Phoenix totem, And the yanhuang descendant is the descendant of the dragon and Phoenix, and the descendant of the Yellow Emperor. The ancestor of the humanities also has the idea of "being the spirit of a thousand things, mo Guiyu is a man, who is born in the air of heaven and earth, the method of four hours, the king of the masses, do all to the shape "(<> ).
It can be seen that the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor's civilization and the ancestor of the humanities respect human beings, and there is also a view of "Heaven and Man" that cares for human friends.
Huang Di is also a philosopher, a big doctor, and a military strategist. <Huang dijing> is a concentrated embodiment of Huang Di's thoughts. The book focuses on Tao (TAO: Li Zhi) and describes the wisdom of human existence, which is superior to Confucianism, Taoism, moo, fa, Bing, Yin and Yang, is the source of Chinese culture.
The Yellow Emperor has a strong humanistic idea of "benevolence and righteousness. His "filial piety and loyalty" Thought in the <Huang Di Sutra> is superior to Confucius's "filial piety and loyalty" thought.
Confucius has the idea of "filial piety", but he is the idea of "male and female. While everyone's mother is a woman, saying that a woman is humble, there is no filial piety to her own mother in terms of ideology and feelings. Some of the future generations failed to "change from its neighborhood", which led to the fact that for more than two thousand years in China, women had no political or economic status but were unequal and unfair.
However, the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor's civilization does not have the idea of "being male and female", but also has the fairness of equality between men and women. In Huang dijing, he mentioned "male and female are soft and rigid": "Both yin and yang", "yin and yang", in the performance of male and female are to love each other, it is manifested in the way of being a person, that is, to "Heaven and Earth" and to love the people selflessly (male is Yang; female is Yin. Qian is Yang, for the day; Kun is Yin, for the Earth ). In the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, there is a saying of "Yin and Yang" and the viewpoint of "taking Mother as the base and father as the wall", which shows that the Yellow Emperor attaches great importance to his mother as the foundation; moreover, the Yellow Emperor is the thought of "Heavenly Father and Mother", "respecting Heaven and Earth", "Heaven and Earth", and "France and heaven and earth" and "benevolence and love the people. The "Heaven and Earth are selfless". The Yellow Emperor sets the people and grandchildren to "Heaven and Earth". It is a humanistic view that makes heaven and earth harmonious and consistent, the Yellow Emperor is headed by Kun hexagrams (Kun is a "high moral character"), and does not compare Kun as a mother to a villain who is heavy in wealth and has no virtue (male is Yang, female is Yin, the sky is Yang, the Earth is Yin, the sky is Yang, and Kun is Yin ). confucius is "only a villain and a woman is difficult to raise" and compares a woman (including her mother) with a villain.
Confucius has the idea that "women have no talent is morality", which also shows that they do not respect women.
Huang Di is the viewpoint of "Tao Shengzhi" (). To make its children "unite with Heaven", it is to make both ability and political integrity more "benevolent and loving the people ".
Confucius has the idea of "loyalty", but his opinion that "the King is the death of a minister, and the Emperor is not loyal" is wrong. If the King has done something wrong, will he let the minister die and the minister die? This not only increases the chance of the minister being killed by the monarch, but also increases the sin of the monarch.
The Yellow Emperor is the thought of "the emperor's teacher of the Emperor". He treats the minister who assisted him as a teacher and is humble to the minister. He does not "Let the minister die, and the minister has to die, if you don't die, you will be an exclusive act of "dishonesty". Instead, you will guide the people to be loyal to the people. (loving the people is the virtue of the Chinese tradition. Only loving the people will be loyal to the people. the so-called "loyalty" is its correct (to the hearts of the people) and resolute support; the second is to correct its shortcomings and give it a proper path ).
Huang Di's "loyal and filial piety" ideology also includes: "The country is worried, The LORD huizhen is loyal, and its national security"; "the loss of parents will be dangerous, and the loss of parents will not be chaotic, the idea of killing his father and taking down the children is the beginning of chaos. The opposite shows that the Yellow Emperor is against filial piety and affection. the Yellow Emperor not only has the idea of "filial piety, loyalty", but also the idea of loving children, which is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation in respect of elders and children.
Confucius has the idea of "being": his brother wants to respect his brother and love his brother.
Huang Di has the idea that Kun di lives in harmony with his friends and loves each other: "If the God hurts the country, God will not come, and Hu will not teach his brother ". The Yellow Emperor not only let his younger brother love his brother, but also let his younger brother love his younger brother. His family is more affectionate and light money, and he is opposed to the act of making friends and friends do not benefit the country and the people.
From this we can see that the Yellow Emperor regards "filial piety" and "Harmony" as not only the foundation of rende, but also the foundation of the peace of the country.
Confucius has the idea of "benevolence and politics", which is correct in caring for the people.
However, the Yellow Emperor is a democratic thought that calls the people "" the people "and" take the people as the teacher "and loves selflessness, and is more benevolent to the people. the idea of "taking the people as the teacher" not only enters civilization for mankind, but also absorbs correct things that conform to the heaven and earth to develop and maintain permanent vitality.
Mencius, the Confucian representative, has the idea that "the people are expensive, the social welfare is secondary, and the gentleman is light". He believes that the power of the people cannot be underestimated.
However, the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor's civilization and the ancestor of the humanities refer not only to the "people" but also to the idea of protecting the country and protecting the people and the country, in terms of moral cultivation, we place ourselves as important as the people. the idea of "both love and selflessness" of the Emperor's ancestor is better.
Huang Di's thought is better than Lao Tzu's thought. Lao Tzu is a Taoist representative. He said, "to the extreme of governance, the neighboring countries look at each other, the sound of chickens and dogs is heard, and the people are willing to eat, enjoy their services, and enjoy their work ." The Yellow Emperor has the communist ideology of "average and equal" and is optimistic about the future "and Growth": the people are harmonious and mutual encouragement, rather than "Endless exchanges ." Lao Tzu is the idea of "Yin has Yang, Yang has Yin", and the Yellow Emperor has the idea of "Yin has Yin and Yang, and Yang has yin and yang.
Yin and yang household wood fire Earth gold water five elements of the phase grams, to explain the summer (MU de) was Shang (Jin de) perish because Jin Kemu, Shang was Zhou (Fire de) the destruction is caused by the fire of gold ...... Shang Tang and Zhou wenwang both oppose the secret and the secret, and both love the people. How can they be mutually compatible? Summer merchants perish because of the bad Xia Dynasty (wood) Germany and the brutal, the week of the destruction of commerce is because of the bad Shang (gold) Germany and brutal, Zhou wenwang opposed to the brutal, shang Tang is also opposed to the brutal "active in the People" will be unhappy?
The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic contains the saying "jinhuo hede. Fire because of "Germany", fire is not gold.
Sun Tzu's Art of War contains "soldiers, state events, dead lands, survival paths, and cannot be ignored" and "The story goes with five things, and the school cares for it: one logging, two logging, three logging, four logging, five logging. The evangelist makes the people and the people agree, so they can die with them, and they can be born with them without fear of danger ." .
The Yellow Emperor also said, "If the decree is issued, the emperor must go to the ninth level. If the Emperor is in the same heart and cannot go up or down, the people will not be able to stick to the battle ." Point of View: what is even more valuable is his Democratic Thought of "serving the people" and "taking the people as teachers.
Han Fei is a representative of the legalist who advocates the rule of law. "Two handles, criminal virtues are also ."
However, the ancestor of the Yellow Emperor said, "the father of the Yellow Emperor raised the power of the people, and the father of Germany was sentenced to death." the father of the Yellow Emperor told the people what was right and what was wrong, let the people understand the truth and let the people know why they are doing the right thing. What is the significance of this? Don't fool the people. To give it a clear explanation, the rule of law is better than Han Fei's rule of law proposition for those who endanger the people. For example, it can be illustrated that it is very important for Japanese war criminals to conduct education first through the examples of the Chinese people's confession.
Mozi has the idea of "not attacking" and "Both loving", opposing aggression, opposing the war of injustice, advocating both loving and having the idea of "being the same as heaven", which is valuable.
The Yellow Emperor has the idea that "the people who have stolen the sun win the light from the sky, the people who have stolen the land, the people who have stolen the sun, the people who have stolen the land, and the people who love the Internet, and the people who love the Internet" oppose aggression, against the unfair war, and against bullying and bullying, and the idea of "taking heaven as the father, taking earth as the mother" and "France as the ground" to support the people is more benevolent.
There is also the idea of implementing the five elements in the world in the <Huang dijing>, which is consistent with the idea of using the yin and yang elements to describe the medical principles in the ancient <Huang dijing>, note <Huang dijing> (the "Four classics") is a treasure of the ancient times that embodies the wisdom of the Yellow Emperor (the People's heart. In addition, from the content of <Huang dijing>, there are advantages of Confucianism, Taoism, ink, soldiers, law, Yin and Yang among others, it is superior to Confucianism, Taoism, ink, soldiers, law, Yin and Yang, and other families. It is not a <Huang dijing> plagiarize the length of the hundreds of scholars, not a miscellaneous, it is indeed the source of Chinese culture.
In Huang Di's thoughts, the virtues and female of gentle courtesy refer to "youdao" and are just and common to the people.: "youdao, Xing", the victory of justice is an objective law.
This is more social-oriented and human-oriented than Buddhism's "the power of the TAO, the power of the Devil. Because of the preaching that "the power is too high and the power is too high", people think that in front of the devil, the power of justice (the power of morality) will not defeat the evil devil, it is always high because of its high morality, which is not conducive to the cultivation of a person's sense of justice. A Japanese devil once served a sentence and admitted that he was a devil before the Japanese invaders surrendered. if the Chinese people believe in the saying "a high level, a high level of magic", can they win the war of resistance against Japanese aggression? It is the "youdao and Xingxing" Thought of the Chinese nation. with the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the victory of the war of liberation, and the victory of the War of Resistance against the United States and Aid Korea, "the magic of a high foot, a high foot" is right!
In particular, the sutra contains "the world is selfless and never stops. The positioning of heaven and earth, where the Sages learn from the past, "the view of the disciples is also in the world, and there is no execution, nowhere, or inaction, selflessly "," Tao Shengzhi "," no private wisdom "," The world is great, and Mingde is taking part in the thoughts of heaven and the world, and it is also a complete and selfless thought, in addition, the Yellow Emperor is "French heaven and earth" to love the people. This is essentially different from Buddhism's "People do not do themselves, and heaven and earth are destroyed ).
On the Buddhist side, there is a saying that people want to do good, while on the one hand, there is a saying that "the power is too high, the power is too high, misdirection (with the false words of the world and the fear of the destruction of the world), guides people to the principle of personal gain. Otherwise, the heavens and the earth will perish, make people do not have the selfless fraternity of "Heaven and Earth. If everyone is personal gain, there will be no real friendship between people, no real harmony between people and society, and between people and nature. For example, some live and live for their own private interests regardless of the lives and deaths of others; heavy profits and light economic interests and social civilization, and cutting down and squandering; the loss of more valuable human civilization for commercial interests and the resulting valuable human civilization brings human spiritual wealth and social wealth. The blue sky is not blue because it brings economic benefits to the whole society and the world (such as air, ocean, and Earth pollution ...... This is not a virtuous circle. The statements and practices of the dominant social system, the commodity society, and the saying "People do not do themselves, and the heavens and the earth are destroyed" do not allow others to love the people selflessly and love each other, it is the goal of philanthropy. This environment is not for the benefit of the body and mind, not for the stability of society, not for the survival of mankind. Because the truth of survival violates the laws of nature. The world is a whole. people and people, people and nature are interconnected with each other, and the Lofty spirits are placed in a secondary position due to economic development, the loss of the true spiritual wealth and the resulting social wealth brought by the civilization of mankind is not worth the candle. It is a virtuous circle that focuses on the stability of social civilization, Justice, and profit, rather than focusing on economic benefits and personal interests.
"The weather is clear and bright. ." , "The sage passed the spirit, served the weather, and passed the gods ." (The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic), true humanists place spiritual life first in the spirit of the Light desire and the high spirit of the human being. The spirit of heaven is clean and bright, heaven and Earth are selfless and bright, and the practices for personal gain are not bright. The humanistic ideology of "Heaven and Man" of yanhuang civilization and rende of humanistic ancestor will be born and spread forever!
The Yellow Emperor is the ancestor of civilization and the ancestor of humanity. It respects human dignity and places human beings first and God in the second place ), there is also the "What kind of thinking determines what kind of action" of seeking truth from facts, guiding the people to be honest and correct, it is required that people and children do not work hard because they have smart innate conditions, emphasize the subjective efforts of people, advocate striving for success, and adopt a positive attitude towards life.
This is a better attitude towards canceling life than putting God first in Christianity, without emphasizing human subjective efforts.
The Yellow Emperor is the Democratic Thought of "taking the people as the teacher.
This is superior to the true principle of Islam.
<Huang dijing> has the communist ideology of "Storage and righteousness" and "average and equal", and the viewpoint of "kiss and benefit from" with respect to treasures and sages; "Seeing white and white, seeing black and black" is the requirement of seeking truth from facts; "Loving selflessness" is better than Marx's communist ideology and theory.
The Yellow Emperor also has the ideas of "heaven, heaven, and earth", "Heaven, Earth, and Earth", that is, the idea of "Heaven, earth, heaven, earth, earth, Earth, and heaven, there is a humane, land-based "Morality carries things", which not only shows that people, days, and places are in a harmonious and consistent relationship, but also attaches great importance to people, days, and places, it is the overall harmony between heaven, earth, individual, and heaven. As a result, "tianzheng dide" leads to "zamap-based cultivation", which makes people love the people with "Tao" as the core, the principle of "Heaven and Earth" and "Morality" makes people feel real spiritual freedom and full development of people's personality. This is a profound and simple medical principle that conforms to the laws of human survival and guides people and their children to conform to heaven, natural laws, and social development laws. Because the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" contains "hidden six inner organs, the heart is the lord" and "the heart, the monarch's officials, and the gods go out of the Arms", the Lord goes down to security, to keep health care ...... Think that the world is great, "," the talker's heart (thoughts) "," the secret of the heart is the secret of the mind "(" Huang dijing "), the Yellow Emperor's Thought of "no danger to all" and "No fear but security to all" is to regard "all" as the best way to keep yourself safe, in addition, the theory of "meaning to Qi and blood to" in the Chinese medicine indicates that "Italian handsome blood" conforms to the operating rules of the human body qi and blood generated by the natural laws (meaning: mind, thinking); ancient humanists have the idea of "morality is handsome, talent is angry, and morality is handsome", and opposed to talent is handsome. Because the spies are from the talents who win the virtues, the order is reversed and the qi and blood are opposite to the running rules in the human body. Is it possible? Can the country flourish in accordance with the rule of national prosperity because of the evil spirits of talented and handsome? In history, the loyal and honest people of the sage have played a different role in the rise and fall of the country,
It has already been noted that youdao makes the country prosperous and has no way to make the country dead. The ancestor of the Yellow Emperor's civilization and the ancestor of the humanities compare the importance of morality with the mind to guide people and future generations to emphasize morality and maintain health with both morality and talent, while benevolence and morality love the people, the physical and mental beauty of the people, the stability of the country, and the survival of mankind are not only natural but also social development. as the true ancestor of the Yellow Emperor's civilization and the ancestor of the humanities, Xiao Zhong is the power! Obligation! Duty! Because the Chinese descendants inherited this idea, the Chinese nation never gave in to any difficulties! This idea makes the Chinese nation not only the one who maintains truth, but also the one who is with heaven. This kind of thinking makes people feel: if there is a virtue of loving the people by loving the thoughts and actions of the people and loyal to the people, then there is mutual friendship between people and becoming a Marxist: "The basic contradiction in a communist society is the contradiction between people.
Therefore, there are: the "only path is from" maintaining justice while "Integrating with Heaven" Humanistic View of "Heaven and Man; there is a permanent career that attaches great importance to the fine education of the people, while taking the people as the teacher with both ability and political integrity, and benevolence, and love the people. In addition, it is the greatest and only pleasure of life to promote the people with moral talents; for the people of the country and the people of the only sages and love selfless fraternity, never envy sincerity; and thus to the success of the industry. There is no danger of overturning, but the security of "integrity, integrity. This is because we jumped out of the strange circle of decline in history, and democratic supervision turned to consciously taking morality as the criterion. Everyone not only takes the good morality of mankind as the spiritual food, but also serves as the water for survival, because everyone is the owner of spiritual wealth, they gain true spiritual freedom.
The ancestor of Emperor Huang's Yandi civilization and the ancestor of humanities have found the law of eternal prosperity and the path of "being born with the Tao" for the people and grandchildren, and the true descendant of Emperor Huang's Yandi and the ancestor of the people, it is not a strange circle of decline.
The ancestor of Emperor Huang Yandi's civilization and the ancestor of humanities are symbols of the Chinese nation!
As a true descendant of the Chinese emperor, Xiao Zhong is the ancestor of Emperor Huang's Yandi civilization, and the ancestor of humanities. This makes the Chinese nation prosperous and powerful! Obligation! Duty !!!
The first ancestor of the Huang Yan civilization, the first ancestor of the humanities, the virtues of the civilization in the hearts of the people, and the humanistic spirit of "Heaven and Man" revitalize China !! World !!!

Note: Confucius has the idea of "choosing its good" and changing it from its bad ". After that, many people, especially the rulers, instead of correcting the wrong comments of Confucius from Confucius, It is not from the wrong saying that Confucius did not actually do what Confucius said, especially in the behavior, it is against Confucius's humanistic thoughts. Another: The Analects of Confucius is compiled by Confucius students. Some scholars believe that it is not necessarily the saying of Confucius. This makes sense. We can also know that Confucius's ideological system is perfect according to Confucius's Thought of "choosing its good, its bad, and its changing. Confucius's remarks in my article are incorrect. For example, "Only the villain and the woman are difficult to raise" are all wrong according to the viewpoint in the Analects of Confucius.


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