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This article analyzes the Symfony2 session usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:

Symfony from the method of session, previous version 2.2 and previous session usage is

$session = $this->getrequest ()->getsession ();
$session->set (' foo ', ' Bar ');
$foobar = $session->get (' Foobar ');

Later Symfony2.3 began to $this->getrequest () method was discarded, the use of the session has become

Use Symfony\component\httpfoundation\request;
Public Function indexaction (Request $request)
  $session = $request->getsession ();
  Store an attributes for reuse during a later user request
  $session->set (' foo ', ' Bar ');
  Get the attribute set by another controller in another request
  $foobar = $session->get (' Foobar ');
  Use a default value if the attribute doesn ' t exist
  $filters = $session->get (' Filters ', array ());

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I hope this article will help you with the PHP program design based on Symfony framework.

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