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Members of the test group write their work in one day to Google Calendar every day. Every day at noon and in the afternoon, I open the Google Calendar webpage, add a half-day job to it. Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I had seen a calendar software on Mozilla's official website when I downloaded Firefox. It seems like Google Calendar, but it can be viewed offline. So I went to the Mozilla website for half a day and finally found sunbird on
I'm glad that sunbird has a plug-in -- provider for Google Calendar, which can synchronize the local calendar on sunbird with Google Calendar. After the plug-in is installed, select the "New Calendar" option in the "file" menu. On the pop-up page for creating a new calendar, select the "save on the network" option, click "Next", select "Google Calendar" in the calendar format on the following page, and enter your own Google Calendar location in the text box next to "location, click Next.
How can I determine the position of my Google Calendar? Log on to your Google Calendar homepage. Can you see the "Settings" option in the upper right corner? After clicking, switch to the calendar settings page, select the "calendar" tab, click your calendar, for example, my, pop up the calendar option that you are using, click "XML" or "ical" on the right of the "Private Website" at the bottom. The calendar location required for setting the network calendar in sunbird is displayed.
After entering the location of Google Calendar, you may need to enter your own user password. Then you can see your Google Calendar. In this case, all the modifications made locally to the calendar can be synchronized to the Google Calendar. When offline, you can also view the previous activities or event schedules locally.
Later found that Thunderbird can install provider for Google Calendar, after the installation was not responding, open the additional component management, the results prompt is the lack of other plug-ins, after downloading the lightning-0.9-tb-win.xpi after installation, the calendar management menu is not the same as that in sunbird.
I still want to uninstall Foxmail. It turns out that Thunderbird is not very good. In particular, after the email is downloaded to the local device, the mails on the mail server are cleared by default. In addition, POP3 and SMTP options are not intelligent.

Now, you can use the Outlook 2010 + Google Calendar sync tool to synchronize the calendar in outlook to the Google Calendar. The effect is good. sunbird is not recommended.

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