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  to have Windows Phone phone connected to 91 mobile phone assistants requires that the phone be synchronized with the computer first , and this time it will need to install Microsoft's sync software Microsoft ActiveSync. Here is a brief introduction to this synchronization software.

  First, download and install Microsoft ActiveSync

  Second, the software interface

After the successful installation of the software, the disconnected phone is gray, we can open the Panel to see what needs to be set.

  2.1 File-Connection settings

The most important setting in the panel is whether to turn on the ActiveSync when the device is connected, which is generally checked for convenience, so as long as the device is connected to the computer, the synchronization software will automatically work for the mobile phone and PC matchmaking.

Software first "Show status picture in taskbar" Check to see the Sync Software icon in the status bar in the lower right corner of the screen. Easy to open the panel and view the connection status.

  2.2 Tools-Options

In this option the first panel, "Sync options," is most useful, where users can choose the type of file they want to sync with their phone and PC, including contacts, tasks, calendars, files. Check the file types that need to be synchronized.

The bottom of the panel also has time synchronization options, if this option is checked, each time the phone will automatically sync the PC time to the phone, if you do not want to do time synchronization, please do not tick this option.

  Third, connect the mobile phone

The phone is not connected to the taskbar icon is grayed out, the phone is connected to the PC after the icon lit.

When you connect, the Synchronization Setup Wizard opens.

There are also sync options in the wizard, which allows you to choose the type of file that your phone and PC need to sync.

  Four, the application after the connection

4.1 Adding a removal program

Tools-Add Delete device to find programs that have been installed on your phone and delete them.

4.2 Browsing Mobile Files

Tools-Browse devices can open the My Devices folder to view all the files on your phone's memory and storage cards.

P.S. You can also open this folder through my computer-mobile device.

4.3 Help documentation

Microsoft Sync software comes with a very complete help document that you can view in Help-ActiveSync help, while also getting more help online.


Microsoft synchronization software Simple use Introduction to here, if there are other questions please consult Microsoft Online Help, or post message.

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