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I always wanted to have a "Net" version for my calendar. I saw a outlook synchronization tool on Google before. I downloaded it today and tried it, is a two-way calendar synchronization. The history of using shared software (some of which are charged) has passed.


PS: Actually, Google canlendar does not make much sense for me, but I still can't help but use it. I am playing this game this afternoon, plus live message, live writer, synchronize the TXT version of the email ...... In the afternoon, things have also been done. I like to watch new things (new technologies ?), It is always time-consuming.

Make no sence:

1. I have fewer schedules;

2. I usually have Outlook at home, Outlook at my company, and smartphone on the road ......

3. It is not convenient to use the web edition software. Always winformProgramIt is the most efficient to use.

Now I feel that the web version of the software is more meaningful than the display type (the display effect is very easy and easy to modify), and only meaningful to the few interactive operations.

4. It is estimated that after the network speed is approaching a certain degree and richclient is added, the limit will be reduced.

5. In addition to work, I feel that it makes sense to use Outlook and other tools if multiple people need to work together to create a thing.

6. I have not been truly informatized: I am very busy. Many different meetings, meetings, and other work are suitable for such arrangement. I am very simple at work like me, it is estimated that most of the items are better remembered by yourself.

7. I 'd like to find one todayNote synchronization ToolSmpartphone cannot synchronize the notes with outlook. Therefore, the company and the home documents cannot be synchronized.

It seems that the Office OneNote supports it. Take some time to try it out. But I usually use atnotes-"it has been imitated and never surpassed ".


It took some time to use OneNote. In the end, I still don't need it. I just used atnotes and manually synchronized it on two machines.

The exported and imported content cannot be viewed on smartphone.

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