Synopsys VCS MX vJ-2014.12 SP2 Linux64 1DVD compiled code simulator

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Synopsys VCS MX vJ-2014.12 SP2 Linux64 1DVD compiled code simulator
Synopsys Hspice vk-2015.06.linux32_64 2CD
Synopsys Saber RD vJ-2015.03 Windows 1DVD
Synopsys Corporation, the world's leading software and IP design, validates and manufactures electronic components and systems, released the Synopsys VCS MX VI-2014.03-a compiled code simulator. It makes
We are able to analyze, compile and simulate verilog,vhdl, mixed hdl,systemverilog,openvera and systemc design instructions. This also provides us with a set of simulation and commissioning functions
To validate our designs. These features provide source-level debugging and simulation results viewing capabilities. VCS MX by providing fast, high-capacity verilog,vhdl and mixed HDL emulation RTL
Functional verification accelerates validation of the entire system.

Industry-leading designers today's state-of-the-art design relies on their validation environment Synopsys's VCS functional verification solution. In fact, 90% in 32 nm and below the design and VCS validation
。 As one of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world, the VCS provides high performance simulation engine, constraint Solver engine, native test platform as its primary validation solution
(NTB) Support, extensive systemverilog support, validation planning, coverage analysis and shutdown, and an integrated debugging environment. VCs continues to create numerous industry-first innovations that are now
Meet the challenges and complexities of today's Soc. With features such as constrained stochastic testing platform, SOC optimization compilation process, coverage and assertion, VCs has great flexibility and can
Critical to the success of today's SOC design and validation teams.
With integrity to build our services, to ensure that you the best quality and credibility!

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Synopsys VCS MX vJ-2014.12 SP2 Linux64 1DVD compiled code simulator

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