Synthesis of portrait in deep green seawater by PS

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synthesis of portrait in deep green seawater by PS

The material used in the tutorial is not much, first of all, the synthesis of seawater, with some corrugated and translucent water materials for synthesis, and then the character part of the processing, the characters dug out and put in the water, adjust the color and light and light can.

Final effect

1, first find a picture of the seabed.

2, then first put this picture to their favorite color, such as you imagine the bottom of the color is pale green kind. Select the color balance below the layer window, then adjust the color, this is my own tune can be adjusted to see there is no fixed.

3, the next is careful to live, the beautiful woman dug out with the perfect pen tool, (hair there only need to buckle a rough outline, because the pen also can not pull out the hair, after the mask to deal with) to find this picture took a long time, but eventually found, and then listen to the song pull figure.


    • PS Composite Picture Tutorial

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