Sysfiles field description

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Column name Data Type Description
Fileid Smallint The unique file ID of each database.
Groupid Smallint The ID of the file group.
Size Int File size (in 8 KB ).
Maxsize Int Maximum file size (in 8 KB ). The value 0 indicates no growth, and the value-1 indicates that the file should grow until the disk is full.
Growth Int Database growth. The value 0 indicates no growth. The status value can be the percentage of pages or files. IfStatusContains 0x100000, thenGrowthIs the percentage of the file size; otherwise, it is the number of pages.
Status Int GrowthThe status bit of the value (in MB or kilobytes (Kb.

0x1 = default device.
0x2 = disk file.
0x40 = Log Device.
0x80 = the file has been written since the last backup.
0x4000 = create database statement
A device that is implicitly created.
0x8000 = the device created during database creation.
0x100000 = increase by percentage rather than by page size.

Perf Int Retained.
Name Nchar (128) The logical name of the file.
Filename Nchar (260) The name of the physical device, including the complete path of the file.

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