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  • System Analyst thesis example
System Analyst thesis example
System Analyst thesis example
Jiangsu union office (No. 242 Zhongshan South Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China)
Department of Information Technology Management Office, Jiangsu Petroleum Group Corporation (No. 242 Zhongshan South Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China)
On establishing an enterprise intranet Intranet Policy

In recent years, with the rapid popularization of Internet applications in society, the advancement of Internet technology has aroused widespread attention of enterprises. Therefore, using the Internet technology, we applied it on the Enterprise LAN to form an enterprise intranet Intranet (on the Internet, compared with the Internet, which is now known as the Intranet.

As the technical backbone of an information center within an organization, I have the honor to independently complete the overall scheme design, organize and participate in the construction of the Intranet of the unit, and undertake the development of some software. After the implementation of this solution, the original business application system was integrated to establish an internal enterprise information publishing system and an FTP file transmission system, and the system was interconnected with its subordinate units, information sharing is realized, and VPN technology is used to access the Intranet of the company through the Internet. We will introduce some methods and strategies for implementing this project and some measures we have adopted as follows, hoping to inspire the establishment of an intranet for small and medium-sized enterprises:

Basic information: 1. Application Unit: a foreign trade transportation enterprise of a foreign transportation group at a port. It is an economic and trade department enterprise and a branch of the group, acts as an agent for the transportation of import and export goods, and focuses on the circulation of import and export goods documents to cooperate with logistics for customer service as the main business.
2. Computer Application: The company has a local network and an NT 4.0 platform. The core application software is the container transportation agent business system and a network multi-user system developed for Visual FoxPro 5.0. Other personnel, finance, statistical software, and office software are in use. There are 4 specialized computer application institutions.

The implementation of the Intranet network of the unit is mainly aimed at the demand for poor information flow in the system. In the process of implementing the scheme, we mainly made the following policy choices:
1. Network Construction Plan: the Organization originally had a local network with 25 information points. However, with the high requirements of information construction, it is far from meeting the needs. The organization has a 6-storey office building, requiring one human machine and connecting to three grass-roots units (fleet and external transportation warehouse) and a container station. The leadership and middle-level cadres all require corresponding data and various queries. For the situation of this unit, the Integrated Wiring project was first carried out in the office building. Because the office building is not big, the centralized cabling solution was adopted, with 5 types of lines, 125 mbps bandwidth and information points. The vswitch uses 12-port 3Com 3c5092a 10/100 M Adaptive device, and the shared hub uses several 3Com 16-port hubs. Cisco 3600 is used as the router and four Wide Area Network ports are connected.
Remote grass-roots units and boxes are deployed in the dial-up mode. In the future, Frame Relay FR will be used to connect to the Beijing headquarters (no application is made because of funding ). Since most of the units are PCs and there is a large user base for windows, the network platform also uses the basic Intranet protocol TCP/IP as the network protocol for Windows nt4.0.
In addition, structured cabling can be used for large office buildings, and a large logarithm of cables are used as the trunk, with a master work room and a horizontal work room on each layer. If there are several buildings such as campus networks, optical fiber cables can be used as the backbone network (FDDI), and P & S cabling can be implemented in each building.
2. Software Platform Selection: popular Intranet platforms include a, UNIX-based, B, Linux-based (open-source OS) C, and Microsoft-based Windows NT. Considering the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of third-party software available for selection, the number of software vendors supporting the Microsoft platform, and the ease of operation and GUI for users, we chose Windows NT4.0 as the network operating system, iis4.0 as the web platform, and ie4.0 as the customer's intranet browsing platform. compared with large databases such as Sybase, orcale, Informix, and DB2, because SQL Server is a small and large database with excellent performance in concert with the NT platform, it is more suitable for small and medium enterprises, and naturally select SQL
Server6.0 serves as the database platform. in addition, the use of Linux platform technology is currently very popular, technically speaking, it is fully competent, but considering the learning needs to be interrupted, and the user's ability to accept, it is not used.
3. because of our strong technical strength, and less commercial software for the foreign transportation industry. we plan to develop some web application software on the Intranet. the development platform uses Visual Basic/front page/HTML editor to develop interactive web applications and collect data from the original application system. You need to master the technologies related to interactive development and database connection, such as CGI (Public Gateway Interface), API (Application Programming Interface), ASP (Active Server Page), ODBC (Open Database interconnection), rdo/ADO (ActiveX Data Object activity data object ). Considering the response speed and efficiency, I suggest using ASP + ADO for development. In addition, this is the current and future mainstream Internet/Intranet development technology.
4. intranet-to-Internet intercommunication and security considerations: for small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of concurrent users on the Internet per unit generally does not exceed 15. We adopt a relatively low-cost one-line ISDN connection mode, A dedicated PC is installed with proxy, which supports on-demand dialing, HTTP proxy, FTP Proxy, telnet proxy, SMTP/pop
Email proxy, user management, and so on. You can set a quick buffer. Of course, it is also feasible to apply for a valid IP address and then set up a proxy in DDN mode, but it is not selected for funding reasons. Due to the intercommunication between Intranet and Internet, if there is no certain security mechanism, internal data, machines, and application systems of the company will be attacked by viruses or hackers or unauthorized access.
Security Technologies for internal and external networks include packet filtering, firewall, and Security Proxy services, because the proxy server software we selected already has some security mechanisms, and internal data security measures, management systems, and backup mechanisms can also be implemented. Therefore, no more funds were invested in this aspect. On the Internal LAN, we chose net VRV (50 users) network-based anti-virus software, and installed the corresponding versions on both the server side and the client side to ensure the security and reliability of the Intranet. Currently, many companies are engaged in network security, such as Wang Jiangmin's KV series and rising companies.
5. Integration of the original system and Intranet technology: because the original application system is based on Foxpro and the database is a file-type database, the selected web application development environment cannot directly operate the FoxPro database. In this regard, we have also compiled a software for every day from the application system to import the data required by managers and leadership into SQL Server, and then the SQL servr as the background, the preparation of web interactive query system.
6. Connection with the Group Headquarters: wiondowsnt4.0 now supports a new technology, namely VPN (Virtual Private Network). For applications with low real-time requirements and financial troubles, it is undoubtedly a feasible solution. Due to the good conditions of the headquarters, the Intranet network has been built and the DDN and Internet are connected through the router. under the current conditions, the Branch is connected to the headquarters through the Inernet network, and runs the PPTP protocol (rather than the PPP protocol) on the basis of this link to virtualize a data channel, on this basis, the connection between the Intranet of the company and the LAN of the branch can be realized through user authentication. currently, branch LAN users can directly access the Intranet website of the company. at the same time, the system-wide business statistics software is also implemented through web applications.
After the Intranet is run, it is well received among the company's users. The customer interface (IE) is unified to simplify the user training and learning process. at the same time, the establishment of the network greatly facilitates the transfer of information and documents in the system, the upload and download of files and data is very convenient. the original application system data can also be viewed and queried through IE. the creation of some Web applications greatly reduces the client maintenance cost. at the same time, the successful operation of the intranet also improves the status of our information department.
However, due to many limitations of the unit nature and scale, such as cost, technical level, and system analysis capability, some applications adopt simple, practical, and low-cost strategies. We only have one web server, one sqlserver server, and one primary domain NT server. due to the small number of machines, no domain name allocation is made. For application systems with the original file database, we did not adopt a more efficient method and implemented a simpler solution. the connection with the headquarters of the Headquarters was slightly more difficult to bear, and the peak congestion was serious. In general, each branch was used for a specified period of time. In addition, it is still to be improved in persuading leaders to spend money and pay attention to it; maybe, using cooperation with software companies, ISP and other professional companies will make the enterprise's intranet better.

In view of the above reasons, I think our company's Intranet network will also make the following improvements in the future:
1. Improvement of communication lines: with the establishment and improvement of various data communication networks and the gradual reduction of costs, in the future, branches and subsidiaries should adopt DDN/FR or even optical fiber cables.
2. The software application mode develops from a single DoS user, multiple users in the file database, C/S, to a B/S structure, a three-tier structure, and a multi-level knot, in future application upgrades, the B/S structure and three-layer structure can be used directly. In development technology, the object-oriented Oop, COM/DCOM component components, ADO database connection objects, and ASP technology should be widely used. In addition, the development method should also adopt cooperation or commissioned development with professional technical software companies. Otherwise, the quality and reliability of the software developed by myself cannot meet the high requirements of software engineering; in addition, it is necessary to analyze and re-model requirements during development (UML modeling technology can be used), strengthen project management and team collaboration.
3. within one to two years, you can use a leased line to access the Internet, establish an Internet-based customer query system, and set up a firewall between internal and external networks.

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