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The new work environment has been around for half a year. Although the technology has not improved much, I always want to write something. It is a souvenir of this week.

The company's project development is platform-based. Therefore, most of the time apart from understanding and discussing customer needs, the rest of the time is in the configuration form or process, there are few opportunities to open, however, the database is more frequently used. Because you have never used any other work platform, you may have some limitations in thinking. It makes sense to select yourself. Today, let's talk about the project information selection function, for example, select personnel, department, and category.

What I want to talk about before that is how important the style and operation consistency of a system is. Now, Apple products in the process are very expensive but sell well, the appearance style and its concise and smooth operations should be very convincing. Today, I also heard about the presentation layer standardization when I was listening to the technology broadcast. The first thing that users are interested in is how powerful the underlying layer is, even if it is very important!

Back to our choice, the selection function in the system is everywhere. In the project, select the project manager and select the sender when sending the information. It is possible to select a single person or multiple persons. Keyword query and other functions are also required for many times. In the past, we sometimes used to create an option page separately for implementation. However, if you think carefully about these features, you can simply select information from fixed options, the more complicated one is to filter based on the passed conditions. These functions can be selected for operation, including querying the SQL configuration information to be selected and the SQL configuration information to be selected, as for the query results, I think key is used. the value format is better. Of course, the displayed text can be concatenated based on actual needs, so that the display is clearer.

Another key issue is the replacement of query parameters. Here we will talk about conventions. We must set the query configuration method and pass the parameter name and format. Otherwise, it will be messy.

The operation execution results can be divided into automatic saving and returned items. You can configure and save the table and primary and foreign key information to automatically save the option information to the corresponding data table. In many cases, you need to return the option information to the customer.CodeAs mentioned above, after selecting the project manager, it needs to be displayed in the text box. In this case, you need to return the selected key value.

There are other functions, such as whether to enable the query function and whether to perform real-time filtering. There are still many extensible functions.

This is the main content.

As a matter of fact, it has been quite tangled recently. Most of the time we have been developing our technology, and more time is spent learning and thinking about specific business processes, I don't know if there will be any problems...

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