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1. It is obviously inappropriate to use a filter to intercept data at the front end, because the data transmitted from the front end is generally compressed in JSON format to improve efficiency, and the readability is poor. In addition, when Filtering for the first time, you cannot know whether the system service is successfully executed.

Therefore, the best place to record the log location should be in the manager at the business layer, where developers will describe the operation in a fixed format.

You can add a record without recording its details. You only need to know its UUID.

You need to know the details of modifying or deleting a record.

System operation logs can be fully recorded by log4ji at the record level of info.

Log4j should analyze its source code, and its source code should be of great analytical value.

Operation logs do not need to be stored in the database to avoid excessive pressure on the database. In the future, report tools can directly read text files,

In the future, databases should only store business data.

All definitions including log records can be stored in XML.






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