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Do you know whether you have recently discovered that some pre-release updates have been made on the taize homepage? below are some simple translations listed below:


Today, we provide some prerelease tools for program developers to give them an early impression of taize. These tools include relevant documents and source code, which will provide necessary information for developers to familiarize themselves with the development environment.

Please note that this is only the initial preview version. It is not used as the final production version. In the next few months, we will continue to improve and strengthen taize until the final version can be released.

In particular, the following information is listed here:

  • Taize source code preview-http://source.tizen.org/mainly system source code, including middleware, basic UI and menu interface
  • Taize SDK preview-https://developer.tizen.org/

SDK & APIs: Web IDE, emulator, web API documentation, and toolchain

This preview version mainly increases your understanding of taize and provides suggestions and opinions through the following channels:

  • General mailing list questions about projects, communities, and activities
  • Tizen application developer mailing list for Problems and Suggestions on developing applications based on the taize SDK and API.
  • Tizen product developer mailing list replies and suggestions on the release of development system versions
  • IRC channel's discussion about taize
We hope to work with everyone to continuously improve the technical Steering Group of taize.

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