Take a taxi from Didi learn IT Service Management (ITSM)

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"Drip travel" changed the traditional way of taxi, and cultivate the modern way of travel in the era of the big mobile Internet. As a member of the more than 2 million Beijing wave, the Drip app has been my common tool, such as booking taxis, riding a ride to work, weekends called fast-track to play with the baby .... Long-time use, the discovery of drip service delivery process, worthy of ITSM practitioners of research and learning, may be more than a few days of ITIL training more fresh, more valuable.

Service Catalog

The drop-off service, which now includes taxis, limousine, express, Hitch, bus, and so on, is clearly displayed above its mobile app, and passengers can easily choose the services they need when travelling. An ideal IT service catalog should clearly list all the services it can provide to end users, categorize the services correctly, make them easy to understand, and help improve the user experience.

Intangible process

From the issuance of orders to the arrival of the passengers, a complex process or process was experienced in the drip system, but it was not felt as a passenger. Process design is an important part of ITSM project implementation, but no matter how complex and cumbersome our process is, it should be minimalist or intangible to the end user.

Full information

Take the use of drip Express for example, when the passenger orders, the driver received the order, you can see the license plate number, vehicle brand, driver evaluation, mobile phone number, location and other information. A friendly enterprise IT service center, when the user submits the request, should obtain the complete information about the ticket, such as the engineer responsible for processing, contact, SLA, ticket status, etc.

Real-time Reminders

In the Drip app, passengers can view the driver's real-time location via a map and automatically alert passengers when the vehicle arrives. In the future IT helpdesk, if you implement smart real-time alerting users from ticket assignment to all aspects of the shutdown process, you can avoid countless calls and mails to and fro.

Customer Feedback

When the trip is over, a window pops up to evaluate the driver's service, and the passenger can receive additional rewards. This fully represents the importance of customer feedback in service management. Continuous service Quality improvement is the goal of ITIL/ITSM, and user feedback is undoubtedly one of the best channels for finding improvements.

Clear positioning

"Drop a bit, make life better" is the drip slogan, its mobile app, promotion, service, pricing, etc. are used to honor the commitment to the user. IT services need to define their own positioning and provide a good service experience for end users through effective process design and service delivery.

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Take a taxi from Didi learn IT Service Management (ITSM)

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