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If you buy a car and park it in the parking lot, if you want to drive away, the parking lot asks you for complicated formalities to prove that the car is yours and requires you to pay a parking fee for a year or several years, even if you don't want to take the car for a variety of reasons, you must feel ridiculous?
However, in the domestic domain name market, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Domain registration is easy, turn out difficult, transfer difficult already is the industry open secret, why is it difficult? Where is the difficulty? Please see this reporter Mincha unannounced investigations brought back the report.

  domain name agents are fragmented

At present, the Chinese mainland's international domain name registrars actually only 10 dozen, but, can register domain name website and the individual tens of thousands, these websites or the individual is so-called "domain name agent".
Want to become an agent, only need to pay a certain advance on the line. General agents are divided into gold, silver and ordinary agents, pay the more advance, you can get the product price is lower. Agents can also develop layers, simple enough to transfer online-sometimes even more simply than buying a domain name.

Because without any audit, so agents are mixed, but they have "custom" domain name price and the power of the rules. Large, reputable agent services are fair, some unscrupulous agents are full of tricks. In order to control the right to renew, agents firmly control the transfer of the domain name, and even more, some small agents to continue to delete the domain name to remove the appropriation.

Of course, registering at the registrar can directly obtain the admin password. But in order to ensure the interests of the agents, registrars often offer prices twice times higher or more. Register an international domain name, the agent's price is generally 60~80 yuan, and the top registrar is 100~150 yuan. As far as the domain name itself is concerned, there is no difference between them. Therefore, most users still choose to register at the agency.

  Kangaroo threshold Control User

In the major domain name registration sites, most prominently in the location of the domain name into the method and flowchart, but almost no site will be transferred out of the way published.

After the user registers the domain name, has become "the domain name holder", has the ownership and the management right to this domain name. And agents cheat users The most common trick is not to provide the domain name of the transfer password and domain name unlock, only give you a site in the agent login Management password (many people think that this is the domain password). Rookie do not understand the secret of this-no transfer password, you can not arbitrarily transfer their domain name to other agents, also can not be in the top-level domain registrar's website to manage their own domain name.

Second, the agent also privately to the domain name to set the threshold, the transfer of the domain name needs to provide a copy of the ID card, transfer contract, if the CN domain name (previously registered must use the company name), but also must provide the company's business license, some also need to pay a considerable fee. In short, it is very difficult to transfer the domain name to other service providers or transfer to others, and to wait for a long period of review. The most depressing thing is that if you have a little bit of a problem, there is no excuse for not being transferred.

In fact, the agent is no reason and no power to set the high threshold of transfer, because most users do not understand, it is easy to be fooled.

It's difficult to go out of the domain

Case 1: Cheixian in Guangdong registered a domain name in 2005, and the site reached an average of 20,000 IP views per day. Some time ago he found that the domain name management can not log in, only to know that agents have not done domain name registration services. It is surprising that this agent has a similar site with Mr. Xie, unexpectedly forcibly modified the domain name management password and DNS resolution, it turned to its own website, commandeer this domain name for 3 months.

Mr. Xie asked the registrar's Office for advice and was told to find a solution to the problem in Sichuan branch. The technical staff of the branch replied, "This is a dispute between you and the agency, and we cannot interfere". Because the domain name in the registration of all agents, that is, the title of the domain name in Level two agent, if there is a dispute, the domain name may not be owned by themselves. After negotiations, Mr. Xie learned that there is a way to transfer the domain name from the agency, that is, to renew the domain name for 10 years. Mr. Xie suddenly had no words.

Case 2: Miss Zhong in a proxy website registered domain name, decided to turn out, only to find that they did not have the domain name transfer password, had to ask agents. Domain name agents inform: Want to transfer can, but to mail ID card copy, application, and pay "domain name transfer fee" 100 yuan. This 100 yuan is purely arbitrary charges! So Miss Chung complained to the Registrar's Customer Service hotline, customer service informed that there are two ways:

1. According to the requirements of the agent to get the password.

2. After the expiration of the domain name 3 days, to the Registrar to provide their own domain name holder of the certification material, the Registrar sent the password directly to the user. Since the international domain name expires 65 days before it is released, it should not be the danger of being registered.
Due to trouble, Miss Zhong reluctantly gave up the domain name.
In fact, foreign large domain name registrars such as enom, you can arbitrarily modify the registrant (China is called the transfer, the need for mailing information, but also to fill in the application, or even charge fees), and can be free to transfer to other service providers are also very convenient.

 The agent's "true words"

In the interview, a reluctant to disclose the name of the agent Mr. Zhang said, most agents are unwilling to customers to transfer the domain name, after all, customer churn is not a good thing. If you set up complex procedures and high fees, many customers are too troublesome to insist on shifting. And in the domain name registration is often at the cost price or even below the cost price of the sale, so only in the renewal of the time to raise prices. If you want to turn out, the loss of course is the agent.

Using layers of barriers to firmly control the user, you may also consume other products, such as virtual host. In short, do not want to lose their customers to other registrars-their own less than a customer, it means that competitors have a customer.

In search of information on the Internet, the reporter found that some users and agents "struggle" posts, most of the small and medium agents malicious infringement of user rights, all registrars under the agents have such situations. In this respect, the reporter specifically interviewed the new network responsible for management agents Miss Du.

1. Agent does not give the user domain name management password, belong to normal phenomenon?
A: This is the agent's personal behavior, domain name registrars and agents have a contract between the domain name holder is entitled to request their own management password, transfer agent or transfer to the Registrar, do not charge any fees.

2. Agents for users to transfer out of the domain name set obstacles, can complain? What is the specific solution?
A: You can complain, we have a special hotline for service complaints. The new network's customer service will help solve the problem until the customer is satisfied.

3. Restrictions on the transfer of domain names to other registrars. The complexity of the procedure, the long transfer time, and so on, have not considered the relaxation or improvement.
A: Transfer the domain name to the agent or service provider does not charge any fees. The domain name turns out itself to need a waiting period, but needs to mail the identity proof material, then is for the user's safety consideration. If you do not audit the domain name can be arbitrarily transferred, there must be a domain name theft and other security risks.

lawyers: How to safeguard the rights of users

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