Talent express June: strong demand for outsourcing talents in Europe and the United States. More important than language

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Csdn talent channel article for the First Quarter of June IT talent Vane

The surge in recruitment with multinational corporations emerged as a peak for IT service companies, namely software outsourcing enterprises. As India's top four software outsourcing service providers TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and Satyam all enter China, China's software outsourcing market is becoming more competitive. Outsourcing enterprises in China, including wensi innovation, BoYan technology, softcom power, Neusoft, chinansoft, shensoft, Zhengfang, haihui, and yonyou, are recruiting for their own outsourcing projects on a large scale, the number of personnel is expected to double within two years.

Looking at the recruitment conditions of these outsourcing enterprises, they mainly focus on the following aspects: the demand is large and there are two requirements ~ More than 3 years of development experience, high level of English, engaged in testing, Java development work. The competition in the outsourcing market is fierce, and the price of the employer drops once again, which directly leads to a higher overall salary level than expected in the previous two years. For candidates with more than 2-3 years of work experience, the monthly salary is roughly 6000 ~ 12000 yuan.

Unlike Japan's outsourcing services that have been popular in the past two years, these enterprises, mainly engaged in outsourcing projects and personnel dispatch in Europe and America, are going through a process from "Workshop" to internationalization. The first requirement of internationalization for talents is language, which is also the first threshold for entering this line. However, the requirements for outsourcing talents are not limited to language and technology. Considering that most of the contractors are European and American enterprises, their respective corporate cultures differ greatly from those of domestic software enterprises. An important part is the management of the software development process. For example, many outsourcing enterprises in Europe and America pay great attention to the development process and think that this is part of Software Delivery. Developers are required to write reports every day to report on the progress of the project. Chinese developers are not used to such a process. They always think that the final delivery is equivalent to the completion of the task and lack of communication in the process. Therefore, cultural interaction is an important aspect of internationalization. Its performance is not only a change in communication language, but also a change in the way of thinking.

Human capital is the core capital of the outsourcing industry, and the biggest challenge is the challenge to talent. How to Develop and attract more people and how to retain these talents is crucial for any outsourcing company. Many developers joining the outsourcing industry share the following purpose: to improve their capabilities through the training of outsourcing projects and lay the foundation for entering multinational enterprises in the future. It is not a common phenomenon to switch from outsourcing companies to contractors. The owners of winsichuang and BoYan Technology said they do not oppose the intention of employees to join their own companies, or even encourage developing employees to go to a higher platform. Considering that most of the outsourcing enterprises in China are in the middle and low end of the industrial chain, the employees of many outsourcing enterprises will inevitably encounter a bottleneck after a certain stage of development. However, it is more helpful to promote the project cooperation between the contractor and the owner to switch to their respective outsourcing companies for higher levels of work. Therefore, the average turnover rate of outsourcing enterprises is about 10%, which is not a worrying figure. For developers, outsourcing enterprises are indeed a place where they can train people.

Source: csdn talent channel Xiong Xiaoyan (please indicate the source for reprinting)

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