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Increase your chips for the next year! The end of the year, particularly busy at the end, but also do not just work, forget to recharge your own yo, today deliberately share a good article, talk about next year will be popular design trends, I hope to give those who do not forget to enrich their own designers a little valuable reference, After each trend there are related articles to help you understand, do not worry about it.

 1. The response continues

OK, maybe you're not going to go home. Maybe you have a good reason not to respond to web design? In the past few years, response design has quickly consolidated its new standard for web design. There are arguments, of course, but no one says, "Let's get out of the response design." In fact, more and more websites choose the direction of response. 2014 is true, and 2015 will continue. This is not a trend, but the norm.

2. Phantom button

Ghost buttons are popular with simple, stylish, and subtle animations. The 2015 Phantom button will continue, especially for use in large backgrounds and background video.

 3. More emphasis on fonts

Some of the traditional Web fonts are expensive, meaning that Web layout requires more budget. Today, this is changing, and designers are free to design on a Web page with fewer budgets and even free (like Google Fonts) font sets.

4. Larger than the larger picture, video background

A simple way to make the site stand out is to highlight key elements, a trend that needs to be done in a wonderful way, emphasizing design philosophy, elegance and strength, not just gimmicks.

The key to achieving this kind of effect is this: "Free HD!" 10 non-copyright limited large Graphics Special website

To learn from the master is often the most recent road: "The eyes of a bright!" 25 exciting Full-screen Web site appreciation

5. Scrolling leading click

Thanks to the development of mobile Internet, web design is more mobile, so it will bring more effective and enjoyable mobile experience, such as scrolling leading click. This approach is more intuitive, easy to implement, reduces load time, and allows more interaction between Web sites and users.

6. Card-Type Design continues

Card design, which is not novel, is the best practice of responsive web design. Card design is a good way is modular, rearranged columns will not be sloppy or disorderly, in the browser can browse a large number of data, but to prompt users to understand. In short, the card design clean and simple, with versatility. It is the demand of the network that you will be able to see more card style designs in 2014 and 2015.

7. Flattening continues (or material design language rise)

The flat design has gained momentum over the past two years and has continued in 2015. Then, maybe it's just a concept for flattening, maybe material design (material), so what's material?

Material Design is Google's new move this year, "Material (material)" is a metaphor: the rationalization of space and the unity of the system dynamic effect. Material from the reality of perception, inspired by paper and ink, has not yet opened the imagination and magic.

Many designers say that the language of material design makes a subtle gradual transition in flattening, and that layering and animation retains the physical world (physical space and objects) in the sense that all the advantages of flattening are achieved. Some people may disagree, but I personally feel that this is the overall leadership of flat design, and we look forward to seeing more businesses and individuals adopt this strategy in 2014 and beyond.

Do not understand the classmate, here early for you prepared a number of popular Science article!

1, all-round science, the foundation of the first fight! "Super Comprehensive summary!" Material design trends led by

2, good or bad look here, Google designers practice experience! "Awesome!" Google Designer's material design practice

3, the latest style material, echocardiography as action! "Fresh hot!" A set of practical material design style material!

8. Micro-Interaction

Talking about material design, micro-interaction is also a good momentum. They are usually used in the experience and instant of the product, and the simple User task processing of the website will be used. A simple example is when registering a pop-up box effect. Micro-interaction facilitates user participation, and this trend will be further penetrated into web design in the coming years.

What is micro-interaction? Tell me the details: The design details of the 60 small! The tiger in the heart, the scent of the Rose

  9. Interactive Stories

Do you want to get all the content together? Of course, not every page is suitable for telling a fairy story. If your brand is a series of concepts or values (elegance, creativity, simplicity, etc.), from page layout to font selection, you can use the page elements and interactive stories to illustrate the brand and the concept. Like Tesla's official website:

10. Personalized User Experience

Using cookies to show users about content is nothing new. Then, some garbage practices (such as pop-up selections) now have better design and best practices, using cookies to show specific content to users is more effective than spam and shameless sales. Netflix will remember what you've been watching, and so is YouTube. Do these traditional big sites use only sidebar gadgets so you can quickly access your favorite content or comment articles? or highlighted or highlighted posts? I don't think so, there will be more elegant technology in the future.

An excellent example


You don't have to be an Apple fan to appreciate such a good web design. Apple always tries to keep their logos simple and continues to try to squeeze out a significant number of current and future design trends. If you want to learn but don't want to imitate it, not you have to create a site that resembles them, but rather to replicate its salient subtleties and avoid the deliberate use of trends in gimmicks.

But... There are also times when Apple makes mistakes, such as: An open letter to Apple! A designer's micro-spit on Apple's website


The Go Electric page, which uses large images, long scrolling and embedded information graphs and interactive stories to explain the 5 common problems of their products, is a pretty smart design, and it's an amazing showcase compared to the traditional boring web site.

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