Talk about the spring cloud version of the stuff.

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Talk about the spring cloud version of the stuff.

Version naming

As mentioned before, Spring Cloud is a large integrated project with many sub-projects, in principle its sub-projects also maintain their own release number. Then each spring cloud version will contain a different version of the subproject, in order to manage each version of the subproject list, to avoid confusion between the version name and the sub-item's publication number, so the version number is not in the way, but by naming.

These versions are named after the London metro station, which corresponds to the order of the alphabet according to the alphabetical list, such as: The earliest release version: Angel, the second release version: Brixton, and so on ...

Version number

After the above explanation, it is not difficult to guess, the previous mentioned Angel.SR6 , Brixton.SR5 in the SR6, SR5 is the version number.

When a release of a spring cloud project accumulates to a critical point or a critical bug resolution is available, a "service releases" version, called the SRX version, is released, where X is an incrementing number.

Current version

From the table below, we can quickly review the sub-items that are included in the current version and the version number of each subproject to determine what version to choose.

Component ANGEL.SR6 BRIXTON.SR5 camden.m1
Spring-cloud-aws 1.0.4.RELEASE 1.1.1.RELEASE 1.1.1.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-bus 1.0.3.RELEASE 1.1.1.RELEASE 1.2.0.m1
Spring-cloud-cli 1.0.6.RELEASE 1.1.5.RELEASE 1.2.0.m1
Spring-cloud-commons 1.0.5.RELEASE 1.1.1.RELEASE 1.1.1.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-contract 1.0.0.m2
Spring-cloud-config 1.0.4.RELEASE 1.1.3.RELEASE 1.2.0.m1
Spring-cloud-netflix 1.0.7.RELEASE 1.1.5.RELEASE 1.2.0.m1
Spring-cloud-security 1.0.3.RELEASE 1.1.2.RELEASE 1.1.2.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-starters 1.0.6.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-cloudfoundry 1.0.0.RELEASE 1.0.0.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-cluster 1.0.1.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-consul 1.0.2.RELEASE 1.1.0.m1
Spring-cloud-sleuth 1.0.6.RELEASE 1.0.6.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-stream 1.0.2.RELEASE Brooklyn.m1
Spring-cloud-zookeeper 1.0.2.RELEASE 1.0.2.RELEASE
Spring-boot 1.2.8.RELEASE 1.3.7.RELEASE 1.4.0.RELEASE 1.4.0.RELEASE
Spring-cloud-task 1.0.2.RELEASE 1.0.2.RELEASE

It is not difficult to see that the original Angel version has relatively few sub-projects, Brixton, Camden have more complete sub-projects, so can provide more component support. Between Brixton and Camden, Brixton's release sub-project is more stable and Camden more forward-looking.

When I started writing the Spring Cloud Series blog, it was just the first release version of Brixton, so I took this version decisively as a sample base. You can also see that in a few short months, there is no update of the number of articles, but its version of the upgrade so quickly, more proof of the project's good momentum. So why not join us now to learn and practice the powerful framework that might capture the enterprise MicroServices architecture in the future?

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Talk about the spring cloud version of the stuff.

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