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With the fierce competition in the SEO industry, some seoer try to find a shortcut to maximize the benefits, or a new SEO technology to quickly ingest the search engine traffic, after years of research has found that the concept of station groups in the SEO industry has been widely recognized, but also a wide range of applications, Station group simply said to be a webmaster to manage multiple sites, multiple sites related to each other through friendship links to help, the weight of the site transfer, one or more to drive other parts, the common uptake of network traffic one way. Station Group as a new thing, in a glorious experience, but the principle of more pay, restricting this shortcut, with the development of search engine technology, a big update, the station group by the search engine major contusion, a lot of webmaster again return to the road, more to promote the original. However, the station group is not a slump, many webmaster or, as always, how they survive, the following is the webmaster summary to avoid the search engine punishment of the station group to promote attention matters:

  Station group mystifying site is different

1, the selection of domain name has a certain degree of difference

The characteristics of the station group is not too obvious, not to be noticed, the station group site mutual chain is not found by search engines, but the station group site imperceptibly interrelated, mutual transfer weight. This is an excellent station for the characteristics of the group. How do you do this? First of all, in the domain name registration information to reflect the difference; second, Many webmaster to save time and cost of capital will be selected. Ifo is the suffix of the domain name as a station group site domain name, as a station group webmaster different suggestions This approach, do an image of the analogy, station group webmaster like to put a lot of their own resources to a large warehouse, warehouse in case of fire, the warehouse in the things are not spared, will be burned, this And station Group is the same concept, once the search engine found a station group is identified as a spam site, then the station group will be implicated, serious words are all k. Like the 2011 Google search engine to remove all the sites, all the suffix, so the group of stations to combat, but also pay attention to the difference.

PostScript: Some webmaster maps are inexpensive to use a free domain name with the TK suffix. My suggestion is that if you build the English foreign trade website that is OK, if you build the Chinese enterprise website, you do not have to consider the search engine on such sites, the weight to the low. Once stationmaster to build a station group personally, part of site domain name tk suffix, fee Dickens, any method has thought, the website has no improvement.

2, the site registration information can be individual combat

In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, search engine rankings to optimize the industry's fierce competition, some SEO exploration shortcuts, and search engines are also in progress, can not ignore its intelligence, at present, in the discriminant information similarity has been basically realized, so we are in the process of operating station group, should cultivate the site of individual combat capacity, Each site can be independent, but also able to team operations, so the prerequisite is that the site should be registered user name, password, site name, contact, such as the settings are different.

 Website construction details are diversified on a wide scale basis

1, do not try to link the site to each other

The ultimate goal of the station group is the Corps combat, finally let a website in a relatively short period of time to get a better weight, thus driving the rankings. It is reasonable to take many sites to link to a master station. But this approach occasionally let the search engine to determine your link factory and thus encounter the fate of K station. Personal advice The most appropriate way is to choose one of the sites as the main station, other sites are connected to the main station, in addition to the main station other than the site can not link, so that energy can be concentrated in the main station of a site. Doing so avoids collateral punishment, and these sites can be disguised as normal sites. Webmaster do not try to use a station site to keep another site link, the consequences of this is the development of the site is full of uncertainty, like headless flies.

2 site space to have a certain degree of extensive

Web site space generally includes a variety of web-style programs and host IP differences.

(1) Website style program diversification

Now many stationmaster still can't realize the huge function of search engine, now the search engine has been able to extract information about the site to do comparisons, such as the site style and the site used by the program or the content of the site, these are can be extracted information, search engines once found that the station group of the similarities between the site, will collectively drop the right , even serious is to be k, so many are jointly punished.

(2) Host IP differential alienation

In fact, the same reason, if a station group site are stored in an IP, virtually told the search engine, this IP site is very suspicious. Although with the IP easy webmaster management, but also there is the danger of annihilation, so the webmaster in the choice of virtual host must be diversified, domestic, Hong Kong and even the United States can become the object of choice, but we also can not only focus on space service providers in the region, For the stability of the space and data transmission capacity and size should be taken into account, after all, the site also pay attention to long-term development and user experience.

3, the content editor has the characteristic avoids hundred cent similar

and personal stationmaster different, station group Stationmaster's work is relatively busy, like individual stationmaster to create original article that is just Arabian nights, there is no station group stationmaster can do! Time for station group Stationmaster is life. Most of the webmaster are collected through the network information, not through processing to upload to each site, but as a webmaster you have not thought, from the perspective of optimization, this will make their own site in the competition, in the rankings do not have a good effect, even if the search engine can tolerate you this practice. So from the optimization effect, personal advice stationmaster spend a little time in the content of the site to set up differences, for example, in content layout, content topic, content column settings, try not to be exactly the same.

 Site news information best Classified marketing strategy promotion

In fact, this can be attributed to the different content construction, the reason why a single list is to tell you how to effectively carry out the distribution of content, for example, you are doing information-type Web site, you can completely the content of the main part of the site is divided into, news, entertainment information, sports information and science and technology consulting four plates, And then use the number of sites to build these pieces, so that not only can effectively reduce the similarity of the site, but also as far as possible in the hands of the resources to maximize the use of to create a site as high as possible, for the development of the station group is ultimately beneficial.

  Website Building Foundation to improve user experience effect

The search engine is not and webmaster are deliberately to pass, instead the search engine is relying on the webmaster and development, the search engine will be kicked out of the station group site, because of the current situation, a lot of sites are suspected of garbage, search engines for the maintenance of network environment considerations, just kicked out some inconsistent with the rules of the site. These dump groups do not consider problems from the point of view of user value at all, as seen before many of the station group, the site is slow to open, page bloated, flash and other dynamic picture of the impact of the theme of highlighting, site map to improve the user experience of the small link is basically not, for such a site, First want to optimize it to the ideal location is impossible, let alone a monopoly of a keyword, so many times the station group by K, because of their own construction effect is too bad, the impact of network environment caused. Do not want to attack the station group site, but for the development of the station group, Station group webmaster can be in the site infrastructure can spend a little kungfu, improve the site's infrastructure can achieve the basic functions of general website, which for the late development of the station group has a great role in the long-term stability.

PostScript: Take the author, the beginning of the time to do when the station group did not think of the nets are very large, the construction of a station group, supporting the death of 10 sites, in the management or optimization can be easy, and so experienced, technical progress can manage more sites, in the expansion of the scale is not too late. This is also a personal to other webmaster a little advice.

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