"Talking about disk controller drive", disk controller driver troubleshooting! [End of 2012.1.29]by Skyfree

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"Talking about disk controller drive", disk controller driver troubleshooting! [2012.1.29 end ]


Skyfree published in 2012-1-12 11:44:26

Recently found a lot of friends are asking "how to open AHCI mode?" Why can't the system be installed after the AHCI mode has been opened? "," How to install hard drive AH? Disk efficiency is low AH! ", with a cursory glance over the web, the answers to these questions are endless, but the levels are uneven, and many are clearly error-and misleading (including an article from a large IT-class portal).

The reason, on the one hand, a lot of friends on the disk controller understanding is only in a superficial stage, lack of a good guide, on the other hand, the wrong and misleading article makes this a little bit complex technology becomes more and more confusing.

In the next, but there are two aspects of experience may be stronger than everyone: first, 3 years of disk controller-driven collection and integration work, let me have a lot of disk controller drivers have a certain sense; second, 5 years of experience in the development and use of System Package deployment tools, let me have a lot of disk controller temperament have a certain depth understanding. So decided caught dead write this article, for everyone to exchange learning use.

Many of the contents of this article come from practical experience, and may be slightly wrong with professional theoretical knowledge, please forgive the professionals. However, all the knowledge in this article is available, and has been tested for a period of time, we can rest assured that use.

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"Talking about disk controller drive", disk controller driver troubleshooting! [End of 2012.1.29]by Skyfree

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