Talking about life

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Talking about life
A dangerous term should be defined for family members, such as the prehistoric New Age/tyro planet. in the first quarter of the year, the dangerous word set by their family was "asparagus", a common but rarely used word, which could naturally convey dangerous information, it can also avoid the suspicion of the bad guys.
In addition, I am a very ordinary person, less than 30 years old, has felt that life is more wonderful and unexpected than movies and TV series, so don't play any games, life itself is a game without archiving and re-engineering. Enjoy the only game that can only be played forward.
Previewing is very important for people who have children. As people often say, they do not fight unprepared battles.
When learning a new course, you are advised to take a look at it in advance and take a look at it.

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