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Recently playing git, just talk about the difference between git and SVN.

1. The most important difference is that git is distributed, and SVN is not distributed.

GIT has its own centralized repository and server side like SVN, but git is distributed, and when checked out in the central repository or on a server, it clones its own repository on its own machine, and when it can't connect to the network, you can still submit files, view history, Create a branch, etc., and wait for the network to connect again on push to server side.

2.Git stores content as metadata, and SVN is file-based.

Because the. Git directory is a cloned version of the repository on your machine that has everything in the central repository, such as tags, branches, version records, and so on. All resource control systems hide the file's original information in a similar. Svn,.cvs folder. The size of the Git directory is larger than the. SVN comparison. Both are new files and the volume size can be compared.

3.Git does not have a global version number, and SVN has.

The content of the 4.Git is better than the Svn:git content store using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm. Linux kernel pathfinder and git developer--linus says git uses SHA-1 not for security, but for data integrity, and it guarantees that, after many years, when you re-checkout a commit, it must have been the state of it years ago, Completely a touch, completely trustworthy.

5. Cloning a brand new directory in the same five branches, SVN is copying 5 versions of the file at the same time, that is, repeating the same action five times. And git just gets the elements of each version of the file, and then just loads the main branch (master), which saves time.

6. Repository (repository): SVN can only have one designated central repository. When there is a problem with this central repository, all work members are paralyzed together until the repository is repaired or the new repository is set up. And git can have an unlimited repository. Or, more correctly, every git is a repository, the difference is whether they have an Active Directory (git working tree). If something happens to the major repository (for example, the repository on GitHub), work members can still submit in their own local repository (locally repository), waiting for the major repository to recover. A work member can also be submitted to another repository.

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