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Due to the confusion of thinking, before writing this article, I first created a mind map.

Half of the time, I found that it would be too big to expand and write each vertex. Besides, each vertex can have multiple vertices, almost all of them can write books. So I decided to narrow down the scope, but when I used a Mind Map tool to draw a picture, I made a lot of questions about how to draw it. Finally, I decided to look at the leopard from several points, let's talk about some differences in the software workplace between China and foreign countries. The final mind map is shown below.

1. Ecological Environment

The so-called ecological environment is an environment composed of ecological relationships. When talking about the ecological environment, most people will analyze the health status of the ecological environment from the ecological food chain. Only when the species that make up the food chain maintain a balance can the food chain be relatively healthy and stable.

Outside China: the stability at all levels of the food chain is relatively important.

In China: we do not pay too much attention to the stability of all levels of the food chain. We often break the balance between the food chain and make a lot of unpleasant things.

Comments: there are still space holes in one sentence or two. We can't say a word or two about this. Please continue to look back.

2. Corporate Culture

Now enterprises gradually begin to realize that the survival and development of corporate culture team enterprises are becoming more and more important and become one of the core elements of enterprise management. I personally think that, ethnic cultural differences are an important cause of corporate cultural differences. I don't want to discuss the differences in corporate culture in this article, because this topic is too big.

3. Communication

Foreign countries:

A General personally came to the front of a soldier for pre-war mobilization. The soldiers saluted and greeted each other.
General: I heard that I will be able to go home and have a vacation in half a month after battle. How is it? Is one week enough?

SOLDIER (humorous joke): How can this problem be solved !!!

GENERAL :......


The general told one of his men to call me the soldier. As a result, my men shouted at the soldiers. The soldiers stood up and gave a very standard salute. They said hello to the generals.

General: I heard that I will be able to go home and have a vacation in half a month after battle. How is it? Is one week enough?

Soldiers: It is my honor to be able to fight the battlefield. Unfortunately, I have not contributed much to the country till now. One week's family visit leave is too long. I hope to return to the army earlier, fighting sandground ......! @ # $

GENERAL :......

Comments: none of the soldiers will be reluctant to take family leave, and none of them will feel that a week's family leave is too long. But in China, obedience cannot be obedient. As the saying goes, it's good. You can't guess the girl's mind. In fact, in China, it is harder for leaders to guess.

4. demand changes

Foreign countries:

In foreign countries, development will only take place after the demand is stabilized or relatively stable. If the demand changes, the demand analyst must stand in the middle, all programmers are angry with tools such as pp eggs or hammers. After the venting, they will continue to enter the subsequent development. Although this "action" is too intense, however, the relationship is very harmonious.


In China, the understanding of individual company-required personnel and demand analysts is not uniform, and the understanding of programmers and demand personnel and demand analysts is not uniform, limited by the pressure of the project cycle, it is often difficult to figure out the requirements and directly enter the encoding stage. If there is any deviation in the development process, make adjustments. Programmers are not willing to do this. After all, the problem based on requirements is relatively simple, but the problem based on the system will be complicated. Moreover, the demand will change like this, I often work overtime until late at night. After several months of such overtime, I finally complained: "isn't it a silly boy? How can we not design tables in advance? Let's take some time to design tables and unify the requirements. At least not blindly develop tables like this ?"
When the project manager heard it, he began to blame the developers: "How much has changed in total? How much have you changed ?"

After hearing the voice of the project manager, the programmer secretly complained: "If there are 6 tables in total, you will merge them into three tables. I will work overtime for a week until late at night, it involves some stored procedures, databases, stored procedures, data access layers, business logic layers, and interface layers ". However, because of the leadership, you can only stay in your mind.

Demand ANALYST: "What are you talking about? How do you do things in the future? How can I sort out your requirements? You can see the document and flowchart of the requirement personnel and understand the requirements in your own way. Isn't that okay ?" The only thing that remains unchanged in software development is change. If you change it for half an hour, then I will think that you are not a qualified developer ......

Comment: it is necessary to allow the demand analyst and the Project Manager to exchange roles with the programmer. Only the roles can be exchanged to understand each other.

5. Talent Training
Foreign countries:
If an employee is very motivated to participate in learning and training, the leader is very supportive and often regards training as a reward and encouragement for the employee.


(Monday) was the date of the VisualStudio2010 press conference, which was a very promising day for developers. As a result, some employees found a supervisor to communicate with each other and wanted to invite a day off to attend this feast, the supervisor said: "I have no right to approve the leave. The last time I attended the technical exchange meeting because of employee leave, my supervisor gave me a review. Please contact my supervisor! ".

So the employee finds the supervisor to communicate, and the supervisor said: What's the big deal? I tell you, work is the first job, and learning is the second job, do I have to go to lectures to learn this course? This knowledge can be learned on the Internet. Therefore, no approval was made. The day before the employee was finalized, his supervisor said: You should not attend the press conference on August 12,. Work with peace of mind, if you want to agree, I will turn to you.


I dare not say that Chinese enterprises look like this, but at least it represents the mentality of a large number of supervisors. It is the so-called "tie" enterprise flow programmers.


Foreign countries:

The supervisor said: Victor, how are you going to spend the weekend?

Victor: I am going to work overtime at the company. I have nothing to do on weekends, and I have no friends with me. I can work overtime at the company.

Supervisor (serious): You are my employee. I am spending my money on you and exhausting you. What should I do? You are wasting my costs. You 'd better not stay at the company on weekends, you can rest at home or go out to play. And then leave the company with Victor.


Supervisor: Jim, how are you going to spend the weekend?

Jim: I am going to work overtime at the company. I have nothing to do on weekends, and I have no friends with me. I can work overtime at the company.

Supervisor: I'm glad to Pat Jim on the shoulder and say (although very happy, but not shown), don't be too tired. Take a rest and have a rest. You have a future, I am optimistic about you. Then I leave alone.


Who are really good to you?
One of my colleagues said: lead, I have to work overtime till am tonight. I have to stay in the company for a long time. Is that all right?
The leader said happily without thinking: "This is a good job ".
After a while, the leader gave a strong speech and said, "No, you have to rest. How can you do this?

As a result, this colleague worked overtime until AM.

7. Salary

Foreign countries:
It is said that foreign personnel believe that technical personnel are the company's valuable property and management personnel serve technical personnel. Therefore, technical staff are much higher than the salaries of managers. Project time is dominated by developers' opinions, and quality management personnel are not managed by managers.


Technical personnel serve traditional industries, and there is no shortage of technical personnel in China, and they are not valued. What real enterprises need is good business personnel who can open the market, A good manager is required to manage these technicians. In terms of time, the Manager decides that what technicians can do is to work overtime to obey the rules. The manager thinks that the quality of the software is almost the same, and the quality can pass through, if there is no major problem, the quality passes through, so we set a standard for the testers. Do not set the quality card too strict in the early stage.


In China, most of the salary is linked to your title, and few developers are higher than management personnel (even if they have one, they are also a minority .) This situation cannot be changed in the short term. If managers put pressure on quality control personnel, the quality of software will inevitably be seriously affected. I have raised a group of testers. Is there any purpose for them? Why? If the manager says that you still want to do it, I just want to do it. So many things. At that time, the tester's Bug testing level will definitely decrease.

In fact, both developers, testers, and business personnel contribute to the company's development. If the business staff have the greatest credit, they despise the developers and send the rewards to individuals, how can such enterprises become bigger. This is indeed a good job in foreign countries. I have always sent the prize to the team because I think that a company doesn't rely on a general manager or a director to talk about it, an enterprise grows bigger, but promotes it by culture. A culture will influence people and gradually form a foreign management model, overseas companies will pay more attention to sending team bonuses and use team bonuses to drive the team spirit.

Microsoft Beijing. GE hantao, chairman of the NET club, once said: "In China, IT serves traditional industries. Developers often have less influence than business and sales personnel, I often get bullied in the enterprise. "when he talks about this sentence, I really understand a lot of things. I'm glad to have an organization like Microsoft's Beijing. Net club to accompany me on my own growth path, and a big brother like GE gave me some advice.

GE hantao also said: "It is critical to use people ".

So this sentence can also be said to employees of an enterprise: It is critical to keep talking to people (not necessarily limited to a supervisor, a leader, or a platform. Next, we need to talk and do the right thing.


All of the above are my own simple views. Due to the limited space, we have not discussed some of the points. Many enterprise managers in the blog Park hope to be able to gain a glimpse of the leopard and inspire others, let's work together to influence our colleagues and then change the workplace environment of Chinese software.

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