Talking about the family moving static files to CDN

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Due to the recent activities of the seven KN CDN, the following offers are available free for standard users

Up to ten GB of storage space
g/Month Download traffic
100,000 times/month Put/delete request
1 million times/month GET request

The above indicators directly explain, for many small sites basic enough. So I'm going to transfer some of my website's static files and pictures to the CDN.

I wrote an article in front: "Amuse the wicked ah" site cache optimization is to speed up the speed of the picture, this time put the picture in the CDN, so it will be faster

But for me, I would also like to consider a problem, that is, if the seven cow CDN problem, how can I quickly switch. I have studied the background of the next seven cows and have a function of image storage, which is what I use.

Let me tell you how I did it.

Seven cow mirror function needs to fill in a domain name, I use PIC1 configuration example

I configured two PIC1 related domain names, the first Pic1, the second cdn_pic1, literally know, the first is Pic1 is the original domain name, CDN_PIC1 is the CDN access domain name, switch is configured to indicate whether to use CDN,

In the seven cow background mirror function Place to fill in the Pic1 configuration domain name, and then in the custom domain name place cdn_pic1 configuration domain name, such as

Then in the management domain name of the place to do a CNAME operation is good, so you can access the picture through Cdn_pic1.

If the CDN problem, I can immediately modify the configuration switch to false, access to the original resources, which solves my problem

The speed of the website has significantly improved after using CDN:

The original address: The family moved static files to the CDN

Talking about the family moving static files to CDN

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