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Select the key words with strong relevance to the site not only can make optimization more effective, but also easy to get search lead Zhi Qing. Most of the webmaster choice keywords are mainly to see the flow, in fact, the flow of large conversion rate of a small number of keywords, and what is the use of traffic, and the site is irrelevant, late will be the search for the punishment. For the relevance of the key words, there is no webmaster can give standards, are according to their own understanding to divide. But often a lot of webmaster think their keyword is not bad ah, why not rank on it? In fact, the main reason is the relevance. Today, I will share several steps on how to choose the key words with strong correlation.

 First, determine the type of Web site

What kind of Web site to choose what kind of keywords in many webmaster's mind have a standard, but many times the webmaster and by some key words of traffic, see some key words flow is very big, but the competition is not high, nature will also add it to the site, regardless of their own type of site, add first. This is a disadvantage to the website optimization itself, and even if the keyword ranking on the useful? So irrelevant of the keyword to attract users, may become loyal users? Can allow users to make two visits? Therefore, in response to this, the author suggested that the webmaster do not want to greedy traffic high key words, Mainly look at their own site to do what type of site, should be the theme of the site to determine the keyword, rather than the keyword to choose what type of site to do. Only their own site type is determined, coupled with a stronger key words, plus adhere to promote optimization, I believe your ranking is a steady rise, rather than today's first page, tomorrow and no rankings.

second, determine the site positioning

Webmaster to do before the station should first give their own site positioning, and not today want to do this type of site, tomorrow to see other types of keyword traffic High competition small, and the revision to do other. It is impossible to change it in the end. After all, webmaster circles an old saying: Do stand your insistence is not groundless. For Web sites, should be positioned to do a good job, only on the basis of clear positioning to select some of the relevant and strong keywords out, or today see this keyword traffic is added, tomorrow and see that keyword not how many people do and add, in the optimization of the time do not know which keyword good, How can you succeed in half of each? Therefore, the site to determine the direction of development is very important, and according to the orientation of the choice of keywords is the wise choice, so that will not let the keywords run out of the relevance of the site's circle.

 Third, the consultation user's suggestion

If the site has not yet been able to identify what kind of keyword you want to create, at this time can communicate with the user, this is particularly important, because when you communicate with users, you can naturally know what most users search through what words into the site, and in these keywords, the ranking of their own site, is not the first. And each user has a lot of friends, through the communication with users, you can consult, when the user is some of their friends, they are accustomed to search what kind of words to visit the site, this can effectively mining more relevant keywords. Of course when communicating with users, mainly consulting their own site, for example is the website construction, then consults the user, is through what kind of word search comes in, can through the vote, the questionnaire survey, the message comment and so on function realizes consults the user the suggestion, naturally again unifies the website type very easily to choose the correlation strong key word , and this choice of key words not only higher value, but also specific to the strong. Therefore, the most reliable way is the user, the most effective way is also the user, the highest conversion rate is also from the user. Spend a few minutes on the site to add a user interaction with the forum, will make their own benefits, and for the choice of keywords is like God help.

Therefore, for Web site optimization, the relevant key words can make the optimization cycle shortened, more quickly see the effect. And the pertinence is particularly strong, there is also easy to retain users, because when users search a keyword into their own site, and the type of content of the site and the keyword relevance of the special strong, natural will not let users have a kind of into Baoshan and empty-handed feel, to improve the user experience is to help greatly. Therefore, the relevance of the Site keyword is not strong, affecting a number of web site factors. This article by the Love buys the net to feed, reprint please leave the link, thanks!

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