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Perhaps because I am a rookie stationmaster's reason, therefore only has the concern to this kind of question, but whether or not is correct, I all want to share with everybody, so that everybody can serve as the reference. Whether there is value, but also ask fellow colleagues to conduct identification. Cut the crap and get to the point.

Do not know other webmaster friends have not found that we update the site, if the home page is also updated, then the content of the first page will change, that is, spiders crawl home When the group words will also change. If it is a large site, they are very high weight, perhaps do not care about the first page of the keyword changes, the update of all updates. But we these individual stationmaster, every day will not update too many content, each Update website homepage content also slightly changes. But I found that even if this slight change, but also affect the spider in the crawl home page, the keyword will also change. Like my life little common sense net, I have a period of time not to update the content every day, sometimes a week time interval. Once I found that the winter health of the word ranking very good, the flow is also good, but after a few updates to the content, it is found that the word can not find the flow, the rankings have disappeared. I am depressed at the same time also find the reason, finally found that the contents of the home page did not have this information (because I update the content caused by the top of the information has not).

We all know, do the site content for Wang This truth, good content, original information Baidu and other major search engines will pay attention to, even if the acquisition of false original is also very popular. To grow a website, you have to keep adding fresh blood and adding new content. However, as I said above, if the content update when the content of the first page, will cause the loss of key words. Thus affecting the stability of the rankings. We had to think of a way to do it, so I started the experiment. To tell the truth, I have been a lone hand, always want to find a master guide, to now also did not find, hehe! Then let me grope for this progress!

In view of the above findings, I personally think that the homepage of the update, the first keyword to play a certain role. Because the spider in the crawl home page, is based on the contents of the first group of words, thereby affecting the keyword. Search engine in the crawl our site will do a few steps, the Site keyword extraction, the first page of a large number of information after the combination of the extraction of the words it considered appropriate; Exclude the duplication of information appearing on the site; Synthesis of these knowledge, in order to make the home key words fixed, but also can update the content of the homepage, and make a page of the weight of the site to improve, I tried a few times, finally feel or use a fixed phrase to update the content is more secure. Let me just say how I did it.

In fact, it is very simple, I was the first page to separate a site, used to do the recent promotion of the key words. I have a set of recent hot words in a series of combinations, the establishment of a recent promotion column, and with different colors and bold and other ways to distinguish. No matter how other content changes, these words are unchanged. That is, the first page has the transformation word and the not verb. I think the advantage of doing this is that after the season or after the heat, you can change a group. Flexible and relatively stable. If you feel that a certain article in your station, is a recent or a few days later will appear a large number of netizens search, in doing these verbs, you can deliberately do more than a few anchor points to change the article to improve the importance and weight of this article, but do not too much, otherwise the search engine will be considered cheating (I generally do not directly, But do cross links).

But it is worth our attention is that we do a stable home key words, we must pay attention to the combination of keywords, the first page appears the keyword density. For example, we can use webmaster Tools spider Simulator, to test the information on the home page, so that their site's keyword density, so as to make better adjustments. Then there is what we do not verb content, these key words are not linked to the anchor link to the first page or the same pages, so although to a certain extent to improve the weight of a page, but if too much, will let the engine think cheating. Not to do some black hat keyword links, this has long been the engine as an SEO cheat. We are doing keyword optimization, we must prepare for a rainy day, in advance the key words of the season. My site is to do health and life common sense, so it is easier to prepare ahead of time. Some sites may not be very predictable, but also according to their own content, timely discovery of hot words. So as to bring more traffic to their own sites, more revenue.

Well, this is my rookie little discovery, this article by the life of small common sense site long, if you think a little useful please reprint, hehe! Reprint Please specify, thank you!

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