Tang Seng's love letter to Guanyin's sister

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Dear Goddess of Mercy:
Please do not throw this letter into the bin. After reading this letter, you will thoroughly understand me. I decided to give you my heart, although my heart is a bit like a coconut, it is not very handsome in appearance, but this one I think is the most gentle.

On a dark and gloomy night, you are watching the world, and I am Tang sanzang. The wonderful love begins with the eyes of both parties. When I turned around, you suddenly discharged. My whole back was hot, and you had to rush over to kiss me desperately, not like this, by the way, do you think of it?

The so-called time is like electricity, a little good. The night is the time when feelings break out, And you hug me in desperate ways, And I hug you in desperate ways, and made a vow to never separate. It is a pity that happiness is short-lived. In exchange for endless pains and sighs, why are you leaving ....

Is it because of her? She is just a person I know. I used to lie to her and lie to her. It's just a bit guilty. Now I hate her more and more, I hate to grab her hair, squeeze her belly, pull her intestines out, and use her intestines to hold her neck and pull it like this. Well, the world is shining, you will not leave me!

I want to read about you in the Long-night, long-time, and sleepless nights.

I walk in the crowd like a dog. Although the sun is full, it cannot conceal my loneliness. I once made up my mind but didn't. Although I look like a dog, but if I kill myself, the animal society will tell me to kill the animals. So in the autumn of Idle Work, I often go to the neighbor's house to listen to this guy's mother-in-law. It's like a bunch of flies around you, which makes me intolerable! Now -- you finally understand how I am using a cruel way to torture myself!

I once met you on a bus. I didn't have to worry about it. I regret it when the bus arrive and you are leaving in a hurry. This is the most painful thing in the world. It turns out that I am so weak. Let's go, don't hesitate! If God gives me a chance to come again, I will be brave and say to the girl, "I love you. If you want to add a deadline to that fall in love, I hope it will be 10 thousand years.

This is my heart. Do you want it? Do you really want it? If you want something, you can say it. If you don't say it, how do you know what you want? If you want it, I will give it to you. It is impossible for you to say yes to me. If you say no to me, I will give it to you. Do you want to explain the truth. Now I want to count three times. You need to make it clear.

Ah, why did you vomit! You get used to it.

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