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Saying that as a brand is originally in the registration of the company should be prepared, but due to the special characteristics of the electric business is unlimited delay ...

The standard color of the company/brand is what I mean by hue--to impress people with your company/brand color! such as the last mentioned KFC's Big Red + White, Wal-Mart's Sky-blue, Amazon's Blue + yellow, sp dark Gray + Golden! The following is simple to say the first few and brand culture or "internal structure ”!

KFC's Red + white;

1, Red has the passion, the positive upward meaning, also uses in the life to express pauses, attracts the attention and so on!

2, he is the world's largest roast chicken, in order to wear red "Dudou" kindly smile Grandpa for VI image, not only close to people, but also the meaning of authority! Red Dudou "It's easy to think of--cook/food.

3, fast-food people are widely about 8-40 years old, concise eye-catching red-white, urban life is fast-paced (regardless of the lack of consumption ability or rely on parents ' money to KFC's people 8-20 years old), to fashion, clean!

4, KFC is a pit Techi citation abbreviation ...

5, waiting for you to add ...

W-mart Azure + yellow (do not use the blue of the website to overthrow Yellow, please observe the decoration/price/culture wall inside the shopping mall ...);

1. Blue has the meaning of security, technology, eternity, serenity, wisdom, etc.

2. Yellow Wisdom Star, reason, also express inspiration and wisdom, to save money for customers (also known as daily parity);

3. Walmart for Sam Walton's surname + shopping mall, can be understood as one-stop shopping;

4. If the understanding is not correct welcome to correct, thank you ...

Safe and secure for customers to save money, efficient due diligence for customer service!

SP dark Gray + golden;

1, black meaning noble, stable, profound, mysterious, quality, science and technology;

2, Yellow is the most luminous color in all hues, give people brisk, transparent, brilliant, full of hope, vitality of the color (feudal when the yellow, such as the emperor's robes, gold, etc.)

3, luxury consumer sites, for women (have to mention its advertising language: Let the goods please you!)

4. ...


KFC: safe, fashionable and active;

WalMart: Service, save money, security;

SP: Quality, honorable, after sale!

Of course, the above is just my personal understanding, a lot of places are not correct, but some things can not be expressed in words, perhaps I am a user interface with color may also be better expression! I do not know that you read these websites or have their service experience is so think!

In the style of the main divided into two styles of national wind/fashion style (the word oneself think, forget understanding, really not on the popular style);

National style: A popular art form (from Baidu Dictionary) in a certain period at some time here I understand that the history of the time precipitation down, such as costumes (RIP), cheongsam (color shop), food, Sichuan specialty (Yi Fu de), Xinjiang specialty (not found in my heart can represent the shop) and so on. (Note: This does not say the European 18th century palace wind)

Below for clothing:

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