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Morning News (reporter money A demon) China's largest E-commerce platform Taobao first announced the month "break-even." After 5 years of "Free shop" policy, Taobao announced yesterday, even if only rely on sales page ads, Taobao completely do not have to worry about income.

Admittedly, 5 years ago, Taobao as a market heterogeneous to join the competition, then the E-commerce Montana ebay also insists on the "charge use" strategy, and free Taobao's appearance let its headache unceasingly. Then, in the "Free" banner, Taobao quickly put the Chinese market plate bigger, but also robbed the original opponents of the sellers and buyers. However, because has been promised to "open shop free", Taobao when the profit is also the focus of the industry, and yesterday's stance means that Taobao is full of confidence.

In fact, in the future of Taobao's development plan, the profit model will not only "sales page advertising" this one. In yesterday's announcement of revenue status, Taobao announced that Alibaba (Enterprise Library Forum) group's website Ali mother merged into a company. Taobao PR director told reporters, "the merger will certainly make the combination of the two business more closely, will collide with a new e-business model, but what specific changes will not now say, after all, this is a new thing, in the world even ebay has not tried." ”

Ali's mother's positioning is the platform for advertising trading, it is also one of the fastest-growing Alibaba group, has now converged on 400,000 sites daily 3 billion quality traffic, the average daily coverage of nearly 80% Internet users. Analysys International analyst Cao Fei commented: "Taobao combined with Ali Mother's marketing resources, to improve the marketing ability of Taobao small sellers." "In other words, after the merger, Taobao Sellers can more easily in Ali's mother's advertising league advertising, in the long run, this may increase the profitability of the new company channel." Yesterday it was also argued that the merger of the two companies was to optimize resources, indicating that Taobao is accelerating the preparation of the IPO, but Taobao is reluctant to comment on this.

It is understood that after the merger, the new company still named Taobao, the president is still co-founding, and Ali Mother General manager Wu Yuming will be in the new company as a senior executive, the current Taobao page on what specific changes have not been announced.

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