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Do Taobao customers believe that no one does not know WP. WordPress is a PHP language and MySQL database development of open source programs. Because of the installation and use of WP is very simple, and the function is very strong, the number of plug-ins and templates can be used very large, currently WordPress has become the mainstream of foreign blogs to build a platform. The benefits of WordPress here is not much to say, many friends are in use, also understand. But a lot of novice friends have not played very smoothly, below I will share with you Taobao guest master of the necessary 10 large WordPress plug-ins.

The first major plug-ins: all in one SEO

All in one SEO this is needless to say, is all seoer WordPress must install Plug-ins. It can modify the title of each article and discritpion, SEO is very helpful, is to do SEO optimization necessary plug-ins. Some people on the network said all in one SEO is not conducive to Baidu, which is not based on, I built a blog with WordPress for several years, never found such a problem. Now have the FV all in one SEO feature similar.

The second big plugin: Google XML sitemaps

The functionality of this plugin is now becoming more and more perfect. In addition to be able to automatically generate Sitemaps files, but also to inform Google,bing and iask the three major search engines, told the search engine blog has been updated, please crawl as soon as possible. This is very helpful for site collection.

The third major plug-ins: Baidu Sitemap Generator

As a domestic user, Baidu is the boss of the search engine, because Google XML Sitempas only for foreign search engines to build sitemaps, so we must also install the Baidu Sitemap generator this plugin, This can be targeted for the benefit of Baidu included.

Fourth major plug-ins: simple tags

A classic tag plug-in, can automatically generate keywords. Thus increased collection, included more, will naturally get higher traffic from the search engine.

The five plugins: Dago design sitemap Generator

This plugin I found that a lot of friends are not installed, in fact, this plugin is still very useful. is also a building site map Plug-ins, and the previous Goolge XML sitemaps and Baidu Sitemap Generator is different: This plugin generated map file is seen in the foreground, that is to give the customer to our blog to see, not to the search engine to see. This plugin needs to be set up when used.

The Big plugin: Random-posts-widget

The function of this plug-in is to display a list of random articles, which is to play a very good role in the chain, do SEO know the importance of the chain.

Seventh Major plug-ins: Autopitimize

Web page access speed is not only for users or search engines are very important, in fact, the fundamental question is whether the page code is streamlined, this plug-in will be able to streamline the role of each page code. Page access faster, user experience will be better, but also conducive to search engine spiders crawling.

Eighth Major plug-ins: Wp-pagenavi

WordPress paging Plug-ins, General themes support this plug-in, to add page to the article List of plug-ins, without this plugin can only show "older article", after installation can generally be displayed as "first page, the second page ..." ”

Nineth major plug-ins: WP keyword LINK

The most heavy plug-ins come, WP keyword LINK for your wordpress blog to increase the key word links, more internal chain with the outside chain, better seo! Add internal links to the article to help add search engines included.

Tenth Big plugins: SEO Smart Links

Completely automatically add internal links, you can limit the number of automatically added to each article in the chain, custom search keywords and link addresses, you can set the keyword can be ignored, set the link open mode and nofollow properties.

11th Major plug-ins:: wp-limit-posts-automatically

Article Summary plug-ins, WordPress homepage and List page article is the default full text display, if your article is very long, very long page can be pulled, and the article shows uneven, if you want to make the page more beautiful, this plug-in can play a very good optimization effect.

12th Major plugins: Opitimize db

When the site is set up, it will find that the database is very large, opitimize db is a good plug-in to optimize the database. If you have a friend who has been building a blog for some time and have never optimized the database, then you must try to install the plugin.

13th Big plugin: WordPress datebase back

There is no perfect space in the world, if once the space is out of the question, then may oneself for the blog The painstaking effort will vanish instantly. So the backup of the database is necessary, just like your computer needs backup. So, how can you easily make backups of your database? This plugin is your best choice, it can automatically send database backup to your mailbox, and you can set the backup cycle.

14th Major plug-ins: Wordpess related Posts

A lot of Friends blog PV is not high, this and there is no installation of this plugin has a great relationship. This plugin can show the relevant articles of your blog. The article shows a lot of opportunities and gives visitors more insight into the opportunities.

The above is the author selected out of the WordPress net to make 14 plug-ins, very practical, to share with you, if the need for friends only search the latest version of the installation can be.

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